Effortless Outdoors Launches New Site to Help People Spend More Time Outdoors

Outdoor enthusiasts Bertie and friends have backpacked, camped, and adventured all over the world. Now their new website is helping others to do the same.

Boulder, CO—With a mission to help people get back in touch with the great outdoors, a small group of experienced outdoor enthusiasts launched a brand-new website that is going to revolutionize the “newbie” outdoor experience.

Bertie, the main writer of the team, recalled how difficult and time consuming it was to prepare for backcountry hiking when he first started. His desire is to remove this difficulty for others, so they will be more likely and prepared to take the leap.

After years of practice and world-wide adventures, Bertie and his friends can pack up and hit the road with ease. It is this experience and expertise that the group gifts to their readers.

The website’s aim is to help remove the difficulty and confusion of backcountry hiking and camping. The website creators strive to give their readers the confidence and inspiration they need to get out there and do it themselves.

To that end, Effortless Outdoors shares the best tips, tricks, do’s, don’ts, and gear guides. Rather than scour the web just to research the necessary experience, knowledge, and equipment, aspiring adventurers can find it all in one place.

Not only will readers learn about equipment and the how to’s of rugged camping, but through Bertie’s blog, they’ll also get to learn about great spots worldwide that they may want to experience for themselves.

Whether someone is about to take their very first camping trip and needs to know the basics of what to bring, or someone is an experienced backpacker looking for the latest and best single-person tent, all experience levels will be able to benefit from what Effortless Outdoors has to offer.

With its numerous mountain ranges and famous, breathtaking beauty, it should come as no surprise that Colorado is home to this group of outdoor adventurers. But their location shouldn’t fool anyone—they have traveled the globe as far as the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia. The website offers advice and expertise to share even for the international traveler.

In today’s fast-paced world where seemingly everyone is glued to a screen, whether for work or play, it’s refreshing to learn that there are those eagerly working to encourage and help everyone stay connected to life-giving nature.

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