Effective Communication Leadership Coaching – Executive Mindset Course Launched

Due to popular demand, ADVOGroup has reopened slots for its intentional communications course for leaders, Foundations of Kinection™. The 52-lesson program empowers students to communicate with greater impact by leveraging powerful acting principles with science-based strategies.

Foundations of Kinection redefines how teams and business executives connect with each other. The goal of the updated course, says ADVO, is to simplify communications so that messages are consistently delivered with ease and complete confidence.

More details can be found at https://kinectionacademy.thinkific.com

Unlike traditional communication courses, the relaunched program provides dynamic training that adapts to the needs of today’s leaders. Students learn at their own time, with self-paced “snackable” videos that can be viewed on any platform or device. Every week, they meet with their mentors so that they can practice what they have learned in a safe environment.

The Foundations of Kinection transforms lifeless messages into emotionally engaging words that move audiences on a deeper human level through the group’s 3P strategy: Purpose, Presentation, and Presence.

In particular, students are taught how to build true connections with their audience by creating an activated awareness of why they are communicating in the first place. Students learn how to intentionally express their thoughts, which implies that they understand the message that needs to be delivered. This allows the opportunity for real persuasion, and also builds greater confidence.

This plays a crucial role in professional development. Leaders learn how to work with their team, and employees understand how to raise concerns. In fact, several studies have noted that the most common reason why people leave their jobs is a failure to communicate.

The group works with individuals, small teams, and large groups on their specific communication obstacles.

ADVO is a boutique communications and leadership consulting firm that is led by two Yale School of Drama graduates turned executive coaches. The group has translated the most effective principles of performance into a repeatable methodology to tackle the most common communication challenges in the workplace.

A happy graduate of the course wrote, “The ADVO team provides actionable immediate feedback on strategies and tactics to communicate vital business information. Their ability to understand your business model, regardless of the industry, and help you deliver powerful messages will leave your audience waiting for more.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://kinectionacademy.thinkific.com/courses/foundations-of-kinection-module-1

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