Edulabs Software Saves Schools From Paperwork and Tedious Administrative Tasks

About Edulabs: Edulabs is interactive web-based software and mobile apps especially designed for schools, teachers and tuition centers to get ahead of school and student management.

EduLabs, Singapore (July 07, 2016) – – Edulabs, a cloud-based school management system from Singapore that helps school and education center administrators to manage their lessons, students, parents and tutors in a seamless manner, has officially launched in Singapore. With Edulabs, educators can now dedicate more time in teaching students and less time in paperwork. Available in mobile and web application, it aims to set a definitive standard for software solutions that empower the 1 billion a year private education industry in Singapore.

With Edulabs, schools and education centers can quickly plan lesson schedules for students, which in turn notifies the students, parents and tutors of the upcoming lesson schedules in real-time using the Edulabs mobile application. Edulabs has an attractive user interface where beyond just managing lesson schedules, parents of the students are able to view the tuition fees and payments made as well as student attendance.

Keeping track of student attendance no longer requires pen and paper or excel sheets anymore. At the start of each lesson, the tutor simply marks the attendance using the Edulabs mobile app which then syncs the data to the main web application. Push notifications can be sent to parents if their child is absent or late for class. Tutors can also add additional remarks for a particular student if necessary and the remarks will be automatically sent to parents.

Classroom activity can be managed to the fullest with Edulabs where the school is able to monitor gaps in a tutor schedule and optimize classroom spaces for overall better resource allocation. Tutor payroll and timesheets can also be instantly collated and automatically generated by the Edulabs software.

Introducing a mobile app to a traditional industry that has hardly innovated is indeed a huge step forward and tutors and schools alike can now easily manage communication with students and parents on the go. Ultimately, it saves much time and hassle in the constant communication between all the stakeholders involved in providing for a child’s education so that more time can be spent teaching instead of handling calls and paperwork.

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