Educational Toy Company Click-A-Brick To Customers: Take Play Pledge

The team at educational toy company Click-A-Brick encourages customers to take the ‘Play Pledge’ as part of the Toy Industry Association’s ‘The Genius of Play’ initiative. Co-Founders Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza have both taken the pledge, which encourages open ended play.

The team behind Click-A-Brick wants all their fans and customers to join ‘The Genius of Play’ initiative by taking the ‘Play Pledge‘.

By taking the pledge, parents commit to providing their children a certain number of hours per week of open-ended play. Parents get to choose the number of hours they want to commit to.

The Genius of Play and the Play Pledge are initiatives of the Toy Industry Association (TIA) and once the organization reaches its goal of one million pledged hours, it will make a charitable donation to The Toy Bank, which gives toys to disadvantaged kids around the world.

Click-A-Brick Co-Founders Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza say they are delighted to be involved in The Genius of Play initiative through the Play Pledge because it espouses the same values as Click-A-Brick, with its commitment to children’s development through play.

“We’re huge proponents of play acting as a tool for childhood development and our goal with Click-A-Brick has always been to give parents an affordable educational toy that their kids will love to play with,” Smith said. “We love the idea of The Genius of Play initiative and the Play Pledge is an excellent feature. Both Georg and I have taken the pledge and we encourage Click-A-Brick fans to take it and give kids a committed number of hours for open ended play per week.

We also commend the Toy Industry Association for starting The Genius of Play initiative to remind parents that unstructured playtime is a much needed element of a child’s life. This is an interactive way of getting families involved and on top of all that, it’s for a good cause.”

Backed by research that indicates play builds cognitive, physical, social and emotional skills in children, The Genius of Play initiative features a series of short, animated YouTube videos. These videos convey how play helps children to develop by showing various types of play and how these types of play help kids achieve specific developmental milestones and life skills.

The videos, along with tips, toy picks and other expert advice can be found at, where parents, caregivers and children can take the Play Pledge.

The Genius of Play initiative and its Play Pledge come at an opportune time for Click-A-Brick, as the educational toy company is gearing up to release two new sets soon: the 30-piece Feather Friends set and the 100-piece Mighty Machines set. The company is also slated to release three more 30-piece sets — Dino Pals, Rainforest Rascals and Mini Machines — early next month.

With its ability to connect in any direction and endless possibilities for creation, Click-A-Brick aids children with their cognitive development. Physically manipulating the bricks helps with their motor skills development.

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