Educational Theater Company Revamped Site To Stop Bullying and Dating Violence

Deana's Educational Theater Company educates students and communities with programs that address the issues of dating violence, bullying and cyberbullying. They have revamped their logo and website to better reflect the seriousness of these social issues and to offer easier access to booking shows online.

Deana’s Educational Theater Company, a leader in educational theater is happy to announce the launch of their new logo and revamped website. DET, a nonprofit organization located in Wakefield, MA, was thrilled to receive a generous grant from The Roy A. Hunt Foundation which allowed the organization to create a new look and redesign their website

For the past 22 years, the focus has always been on providing the most current and updated programs that address the issues of dating violence, cyberbullying and bullying. However, Deana’s Educational Theater needed to recreate a website that was as impressive as their educational programs.

Executive Director Christine Shaw explains why the new logo design and revamped website were created:

“Deana’s Educational Theater Company needed to create a logo and website representing our mission and highlighting our programs, generating new traffic to the website, and creating an easy online experience that will allow potential sponsors to book shows online by being able to preview performances, request a quote or directly book a show. We have received positive feedback about the redesign and content of our revamped website”

Deana’s Educational Theater invites everyone to browse their website and even watch the video below from their flagship program, The Yellow Dress. (The Yellow Dress was written by Deborah Lake Fortson and produced by Sydney Hayes Patton) The Yellow Dress is a dramatic one-woman play based on the stories of young women who were victims of dating violence. From the subtle beginning signs to the culmination of a tragic ending, this carefully constructed program follows the progression of an abusive relationship and stimulates many thought-provoking discussions.

To see more video clips of The Yellow Dress, click here.

Please do not hesitate to contact Deana’s Educational Theater for more information about their programs or if they can be of any assistance in helping educate students or communities about dating violence, bullying, sexual assault, harassment and respect.

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