Educational Building Toy Click-A-Brick Garners High Praise In Amazon Reviews

Educational building toy Click-A-Brick continues to garner high praise from customers on Amazon with many reviewers praising the toy’s ability to keep children of all ages engaged and its ability to encourage parents to play together with their children with the toy.

Click-A-Brick continues to garner high praise on Amazon, with many customer reviews pointing to the toy’s ability to keep children entertained and engaged. The Army Defenders set has been praised by parents and customers who have given it to children ranging from kindergarten aged to the early teen years.

Satisfied customer Rebecca Johnson wrote that her nine- and 12-year-old children played with the set for hours and asked if there were more sets to purchase. The mother said she appreciated that Click-A-Brick can be used to make much more than what is shown on the box and called the toy a great way for her children to use their imaginations.

Amy E. Villeneuve said her daughters were brought together by the toy, helping each other with their creations.

“I like that the girls can work together by one reading the picture instructions, finding the correct piece and the other putting it together,” she wrote. “Or they can take turns and build on their own and take turns. Either way it is a fun way for the girls to play and work together and use their imaginations afterward to ward off enemy dinosaurs that have come to destroy their princess castle! I like that it makes kids think, yet they have fun and feel a real sense of accomplishment in the end. I recommend these click a bricks for girls and boys that are ready to build more than just a tower!”

Another feature customers had high praise for was the toy’s appeal to adults as well as children, which has prompted at least some parents to play with their children using Click-A-Brick. For example, Connie Gruning’s spouse seems to enjoy the Army Defenders set as much as her five-year-old daughter.

Click-A-Brick Co-Founders Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza say they are pleased the Army Defenders set has received such high praise from customers.

“Reading the customer reviews has become a bit of a hobby for me because it makes me feel good to read them,” Smith said. “Everyone at Click-A-Brick is happy with the reviews we’ve been getting. People were saying similar things with the Animal Kingdom Safari set and it’s carrying on with the Army Defenders set. We fully expect the good reviews to continue with Feather Friends and Mighty Machines, too.”

The company plans to release three more 30-piece sets simultaneously in the near future, including the dinosaur-themed Dino Pals, Rainforest Rascals, which features reptiles, and Mini Machines, a smaller version of its Mighty Machines sets. All three of the future sets will be sold on Amazon and through the Click-A-Brick toys website.

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