Educational Animated Explainer Video Tutorial Production For Schools Launched

The Explainer Video Company (408-780-8693) a California-based firm specializing in animated explainer videos, has launched a service focused on the education market, providing teachers and companies customized video content for young learners and adults.

The Explainer Video Company, the animated video production studio, has expanded its educational video tutorial production services to meet the growing demand for video and video-based instruction during the pandemic. The company’s team includes experts who specialize in creating instructional videos, interactive tutorials, and animated movies for schools and other educational institutions.

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The Explainer Video Company has worked with many educational institutions to produce animated, informative, and effective videos, tailored to the needs of their students. Explainer Video Company produces high-quality, customized explainer videos for all levels of learning ranging from animated videos for children to series of lessons at a K-12 or collegiate level.

According to studies, the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text and visual information accounts for 90% of all information conveyed to the brain. So, educational animation explainer movies can help viewers better absorb and retain knowledge.

All ages benefit from e-learning video content. 91% of educational institutions feel that video improves student happiness. Explainer videos by Explainer Video Companyfor education can be customized to deliver the right balance of entertainment with instruction. Not only do they keep young children’s attention and motivate them to learn new things, but these cartoons also help develop their love for learning. These animations have been used as part of school curricula all across the United States and the world, from kindergarten classrooms to distance-learning programs and libraries.

2D animations, for instance, are used to explain complex themes in psychology, law, economics, and art, transforming difficult, dull, or sensitive topics into a visually engaging video that fosters comprehension. Creators concentrate on storytelling and bringing unfamiliar topics closer to learners. Explainer Video Company uses a proprietary multi-step process and works closely with clients at every stage of a project.

About The Company

The Explainer Video Company is a full-cycle animated video production studio based in Santa Clara, CA and Texas.The company has successfully produced videos for Fortune 500 clients across multiple industry sectors including automotive, banking, education, technology, e-commerce, and more.

“With every client, our goal is to deliver entertaining content with the maximum educational value,” said a company spokesperson. “We hope that our portfolio speaks for itself.”

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