Education App Developer GazziliWorld Releases Globalized Versions Of Apps

GazziliWorld, LLC, is a New York City based Preschool Educational Application company. Currently there are five GazziliWorld Apps—GazziliWords, GazziliShapes, GazziliPuzzles, GazziliScience, and GazziliMath—and there are more on the way.

Award –Winning, Apple-Featured Preschool Apps Updated With Ability To Play The Apps In Nine Additional Languages

GazziliWorld, a leading developer of innovative educational applications for Preschoolers, announced today all of their Apps have been updated with functionality allowing transition into nine additional languages within the apps. Originally available in English, GazziliWorld has added the following languages to be chosen from within the apps: Chinese (Mandarin), Russian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. Upon downloading any of the GazziliWorld apps, smartphones and tablets will automatically detect which language the machine is set to, and the download will occur accordingly. Once in the app, if another language is desired, it is as easy as going to the drop-down menu and making the switch.

All of the GazziliWorld apps—GazziliWords, GazziliShapes, GazziliPuzzles, GazziliScience, GazziliMath, and those GazziliWorld apps on the way—have been developed with the assistance of top-tier educational experts. Fully compatible with Apple’s most current iOS 8, GazziliWorld Apps teach Preschoolers basic, foundation for life concepts in a kid-friendly way.

GazziliWorld’s ‘dual-curriculum’ approach introduces children not only to important subject matter, but to technology they’ll be using for years to come. “GazziliWorld is founded upon a vision of fusing fun and learning for Preschoolers—and being able to execute such a vision,” says GazziliWorld Founder Adam Gittlin. “We want children—all children, from all cultures—to learn important concepts, and life lessons, in a fun, thought-provoking way. And the only way we can truly reach the world’s Preschool age children—in order to do our part in making the next generation the brightest generation yet—is this next step. Making our products available in languages all over the world. We’re very excited about adding this functionality.”

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