Edmonton Divorce Mediator Claims Mediation Effective Alternative to Litigation

Edmonton Divorce Mediator claims that a mediated solution to a matrimonial break-up can significantly reduce the emotional and financial impacts of divorce without resorting to costly, prolonged and confrontational litigation.

“Divorce mediation is proving to be an effective alternative to costly, harmful and often debilitating litigation.” claims Sue Lambert, a lawyer, Qualified Mediator and Arbitrator specialising in matrimonial disputes. According to Lambert “Mediation is a non-confrontational way to resolve differences resulting from a matrimonial breakup. All parties come together to find solutions to their differences in a safe, effectively neutral, and non-judgemental environment.”

Lambert says “The mediator acts as a neutral facilitator. The job revolves around helping everyone understand each other. Ensuring that everyone is heard, that everyone has a chance to articulate their concerns and wishes is key.”

Just as for litigation, an effective divorce mediation must address every matter that affects both parties. These typically include: A fair and equitable division of matrimonial property; Spousal support such that no party is unnecessarily burdened or abandoned; Child support to ensure that current and future financial needs are addressed; and Parenting to ensure that the emotional trauma of a divorce is minimised.

“The long-term affect of a prolonged, acrimonious litigation can not be underestimated.” says Lambert. “Statistics clearly show the relationship between health, work productivity and emotional well-being and divorce. A mediated solution to a marital break-up helps reduce the negative emotional, financial and physical impacts of divorce.”

Divorce mediation offers the following advantages: A much quicker resolution to all issues thereby lessening stress and strain on both parties; The overall process is significantly faster and thereby more cost-effective than pursuing litigation; Unlike court proceedings, which are part of the public record, a mediation is completely confidential. process is entirely confidential; A mediation is a fairly informal, relatively stress-free process. The mediator job’s is to keep confrontation to a minimum; Any reached upon agreement is far more likely to be followed as the both parties have had an active part in crafting the terms and conditions of the agreement itself. Nothing has been forced upon either party ; and For working parties, the mediation can take place outside of the normal work day, including weekdays and holidays.

The negative long-term impacts of a matrimonial break-up and divorce can be minimised by seeking out and retaining the services of a qualified arbitrator and mediator.

More details on the mediation and arbitration services offered by Sue Lambert at Edmonton Divorce Mediator are available here – http://edmontondivorcemediator.com

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