Edmonton Based Bulk Fuel Delivery Company Reduces Fleet ReFueling Costs

Operating in Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg and Vancouver, Hiway Fuel Services LTD creates custom-built bulk fuel delivery services, including real-time transactional and consumption reporting, to help cut fleet refueling and fuel-related management costs for fleet operators.

A customized fleet bulk fuel delivery program can help manage fleet fuel costs, fuel consumption and on-site fueling related safety and environmental concerns according to HiWay Fuel Services.

Operating out of Edmoton, Calgary, Winnipeg and Vancouver, Hiway Fuel Services LTD operations manager Anthony Patraszewski claims that managed fleet refueling is driven by three critial factors: Managing fuel costs and consumption more effectively, enhancing safety, and addressing environmental concerns.

Catering to individual needs, fully customizable on-site fueling services built from the ground up help fleet managers eliminate the cumulative cost of self-fueling vehicles and equipment. Real fuel costs are impacted by travel and pump wait-times as employee’s downtime can run anywhere from 30-45 minutes per unit. These costs can be 7-9&% higher than card-lock or pump prices when labour, fuel consumption and wear and tear are included. Bulk delivery eliminates these hidden costs including any costly down-time while ensuring real fuel costs are kept low as a result of increased volume.

Patraszewski says that safety and environmental issues can cripple fleet operations. “All of our employees are highly trained professionals. We adhere to strict ISO standards and safe operating procedures, no matter the weather, time of day or difficulty of the operation. Safety has always be our first concern.”

According to Patrazweski “A fleet bulk refueling service does away with costly environmental clean-up associated with refueling accidents not to mention equipment repairs and increased insurance costs. Consider that productivity suffers as you find yourself short-staffed and falling behind. It begins to add up very, very fast.”

“We have very high hiring standards, training and operate to very strict standards” says Patrazewski. “In this profession, there is very little room for error. We work hard to maintain consistent standards of service, workplace safety and environmental protection.”

Fleet refueling and fuel-related management costs, including hidden costs associated with safety and environmental issues, can be effectively managed and reduced using a customized bulk fuel delivery program.

More details on Hiway Fuel Services and their bulk fuel and fleet mobile delivery services are available at their website – http://www.hiwayfuelservices.com.

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