Edmonton Alberta Spray Foam Insulation Services New Product Site Launched

New website launched by Spray Foam Insulation Edmonton, features its new insulation product and service designed to keep Edmonton homes warmer throughout the severe winter seasons, by sealing air gaps that traditional insulations may not, saving customers up to 40 percent on their utility bills.

Spray Foam Insulation Edmonton has launched a new website to represent its new insulation product and service, designed to keep Edmonton homes warmer throughout the severe winter seasons, by sealing air gaps that traditional insulations may not.

For more information, visit the website: http://www.sprayfoaminsulationedmonton.net.

Edmonton, Alberta is known for its severe winters, with a snow average of 146 days per year. The new spray foam insulation technology offers superior performance to the traditional materials such as fiberglass, cellulose and wool because it can actually seal gaps to prevent the undesired airflow and moisture flow from getting through.

Spray Foam Insulation Edmonton says that the spray foam insulation product can save up to 40 percent on home energy bills. The company says that that’s the amount of energy wasted on home heating and cooling in Edmonton, due to air filtration. It claims that sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF) is the best insulating material available on the market.

The advantages of spray foam insulation are: it creates air seal, preventing air and moisture leakage; it reduces air draft, providing homes with temperature stability, making them more comfortable; it keeps allergens and mold out; it helps save on monthly utility bills; it doesn’t sag or degrade over time; and it’s insect and fire resistant. In addition, pen cell SPF makes an effective noise barrier whilst the closed cell SPF option adds strength to the structure.

Adding insulation to an existing home can be a difficult process, but Spray Foam Insulation Edmonton addresses the issue so that instead of tearing down drywall to add insulation, the spray foam insulation is simply sprayed into the cavities, providing the same benefits.

Another thing it says to consider is insulate an attic space; a saving of 25 percent or more can be made on heating and cooling bills in the winter and summer. Professional installers have the appropriate equipment and will be able to complete installation in a few hours, depending on whether the attic space will be a cool or warm space.

Spray Foam Insulation Edmonton recommends that people research for the best installation companies in the Edmonton area by word of mouth, through family, friends and neighbors for an honest recommendation and to also search for positive online reviews.

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