Edmonton AB Family Restaurant Mobile Order Chicken Wings Pancakes Burgers Launch

A new family restaurant has been released at the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta. The restaurant has both a mobile site for ordering and a digital loyalty card for customers to receive rewards.

A new family restaurant has recently opened at the West Edmonton mall in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Zesty Family Restaurant currently offers a wide variety of menu items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

More information can be found at https://zestyrestaurant.ca

The restaurant opened earlier this year, and they already built a sizeable menu for meals during any time of the day. Their breakfast menu has five different styles of pancakes from blueberry to chocolate banana, as well as a variety of omelets and other breakfast classics.

Lunch and dinner options for Zesty Family Restaurant include appetizers, from fresh garden salad to poutine, specials like the top sirloin and the lemon herb buttered salmon, burgers, sandwiches, wraps, and a variety of desserts. The assortment of specials, burgers and sandwiches aims to provide a range of dishes to accommodate the diversity of tastes guests may be feeling for their meal.

“We loved the brisket tail chuck, salami pork chop filet mignon short ribs bacon boudin meatloaf tenderloin,” said one customer.

In addition to the opening of the restaurant, Zesty Family Restaurant has launched a mobile site where users can order prior to arriving at the restaurant for dine-in or get food to go with takeout. The mobile site even has options for delivery and the ability to schedule food orders in advance.

Zesty Family Restaurant has also released their digital loyalty card, which customers can use to earn free rewards at the restaurant. Much like a punch card, the digital loyalty card keeps track of the number of times the card has been used at the restaurant, and the card can even be shared with others on social media. After six punches, a customer receives a free breakfast, and after 10 punches the customer receives a free dinner.

The digital loyalty card for Zesty Family Restaurant can be found at https://zesty.club Interested individuals can call the restaurant at (780) 443-2525 or visit the link above for more information.

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