Editor Plugin Delivers Real-Time Email Content For Online Marketing

Marketing platforms can expand email capabilities with real-time content. The Visual Toolbox AddOn adds real-time tools to email editors instantly, inside the BEE Plugin email editor.

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Campaign-Genius Unveils Partnership With Marketing Leader BEE

Email Editor Plugin Puts Real-Time Content within Reach of Users of More than 600 SaaS Platforms

[Bellingham, Wa. 10/14/2020] Campaign-Genius, email’s newest platform for real-time email content, has unveiled a plug-in that puts previously costly and often out-of-reach campaign content tools at the fingertips of the users of more than 600 SaaS platforms.

What once were prohibitively expensive real-time content features for improved email marketing results are now available natively to users of the hundreds of SaaS platforms that employ the BEE Plugin Editor.

Users simply must ask their SaaS platform provider to turn on the Visual Toolbox AddOn for BEE.

This adds capabilities never before readily-available for email marketing, such as:

• Scheduled real-time update of creative and links. For example, change ad and landing pages to match website inventory or price.

• Real-time split testing of creative and landing pages. For example: “which picture do people prefer” doesn’t require multiple campaigns.

• Automated or scheduled switch-to-winner. For example: Picture B gets 1.5 times the number of clicks, so show everyone Picture B.

• Geo-targeting of content. For example: Lead with surfboards in California; lead with skis in Colorado, in the same campaign.

• Live package tracking, weather, and maps, geo-localized for each email recipient.

• Animated countdown timers and on-demand barcodes.

• YouTube-to-GIF thumbnail generation.

• Live metrics maps, showing impressions and clicks by recipient location for campaigns.

“We’re proud to make Campaign-Genius’s real-time content plug-in available on the BEE Plugin Editor,” said Massimo Arrigoni, CEO of BEE. “The addition of the Visual Toolbox offers thousands of marketers new features and functionality never before available inside their editor.”

Some of the 700-plus SaaS providers that employ BEE Plugin include CleverTap, CareerBuilder, and Exponea. Email service providers that employ BEE Plugin include MailUp, Ongage, Blueshift and Cheetah Digital.

“Thousands of email senders are already using the superb BEE Editor to craft campaigns and landing pages,” said Dr. Matthew Dunn, CEO of Campaign-Genius. “All they need to do to have real-time content tools available for use is get their SaaS platform to activate the Visual Toolbox AddOn.”

“Real-time email content has been around for a decade, but the adoption rate has been underwhelming, mainly because of cost and complexity,” said Ryan Phelan, co-founder of Origin Email Agency. “Campaign-Genius puts these game-changing capabilities within reach of marketers who previously couldn’t easily implement or justify the integration level of effort.”

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About Campaign-Genius: Campaign Genius (https://campaigngenius.io) offers the most comprehensive and configurable real-time content services for email platforms of its kind. By bypassing the integration challenges of legacy real-time vendors, Campaign Genius enables email and marketing platforms to deliver production efficiencies and improve marketing ROI to their customers without tying up precious development resources. From real-time creative split-testing and optimization, to geo-targeting content by recipient, to API-driven live package tracking, weather and maps, to live metrics maps, Campaign Genius ‘Visual Toolbox’ plugin for email editors makes real-time content easy and accessible to the full spectrum of email marketers. Founded by serial entrepreneur Dr. Matthew Dunn, Campaign Genius was conceived to help email marketers connect to their customers with real-time visual content. Learn more about the complete platform at https://campaigngenius.io.

About BEE: BEE (beefree.io) is the drag-n-drop email and landing page editor developed by MailUp Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of MailUp Group. Organized according to a dual-company model, with a business team located in the San Francisco Bay Area and a tech team in Italy, the company is focused on the development and commercialization of an innovative, embeddable content editor for SaaS. BEE – which initially stood for “Best Email Editor”, the ambitious goal for the project – is about designing beautiful content, fast. It can be used free at http://beefree.io, starting from 480+ gorgeous templates. Over 7,500 freelancers, marketers & email agencies from over 100 countries have upgraded to BEE Pro for a complete, hosted email design suite. And over 600 SaaS companies have embedded the editor in their application to cut down on development time and cost and accelerate their roadmap. Media & Guidelines: https://beefree.io/about-bee/#press

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