EDC Scissors Multi-Tool Emergency Response Shears Guide Launched

Gear For Life has launched a new guide covering the Leatherman Raptor scissors. These are designed to allow customers to be ready for anything, whether out and about or at home.

Gear For Life has launched a new guide covering high quality, “everyday carry” emergency response scissors that are designed to save lives. The Leatherman Raptor scissors come with a strap cutter and glass breaker, allowing customers to be ready for everything.

More information can be found at: http://gearforlife.com

The newly launched scissors are designed to be useful in any situation. This makes them an ideal choice for trekkers, hikers, climbers, walkers, and anyone who likes spending time outdoors.

They can also be highly beneficial around the home, because their utility means they will always be useful.

Designed with medical professionals in mind, and engineered with the input of special operations medics, EMTs and firefighters, the scissors are of the highest quality.

This means that customers can shop with the peace of mind knowing that they’re buying the best. The scissors have a durable build, making for reliable tools needed for any survival or emergency situation.

Gear For Life highlights that, in addition to the 420HC stainless steel sheers for tough cutting jobs, the Raptor offers customers a variety of tools for different situations.

Tool options include a strap cutter, a ring cutter, oxygen tank wrench, and tip glass breaker on the bottom of the handle. There are six tools in total, ensuring that customers can be ready for a multitude of situations.

Another key feature includes the pocket clip, which ensures the scissors can always be to hand.

The Gear For Life guide states: “Leatherman Raptor are ready to get you out of the stickiest situations. It doesn’t matter if that’s escaping a burning building or cutting bandages in First Aid scenarios. The Raptor can help. And, they’re backed up by Leatherman’s 25-year guarantee.”

A recent customer said: “I got these prior to deployment to Afghanistan as a Nurse. Lets just say I saw a lot of traumas and other medical emergencies and I used these things practically everyday. These will cut through an entire large roll of Kerlix if you’re out of the small stuff. It also cuts a whole ace bandage inside the wrapper.”

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