EcoStroke Engine Seeks To Drive Down the Costs of Driving and Save Environment

George Teacherson releases information on how its new product is an eco-engine that saves drivers money. Further information can be found at

Massive floods, pouring rain, major drought, giant wildfires, the biggest typhoon EVER to hit Japan and all said to be caused by global warming. Yet the so-called cause of Global Warming or Climate Change is entirely wrong! And a full solution to its real cause is being ignored. If it continues to be ignored, the world is set for far greater problems than ever seen in the past. What is needed are Breakthrough Ideas using known and Already Proven technology.

George Teacherson announces the launch of GarageJet. His new product is an eco-engine that saves people money. For anyone with even a passing interest in keeping costs down in the world of low cost environmentally friendly living, this launch will be worth our entire future as current engine technology is woefully inefficient and no one is doing a single useful thing about increasing engine efficiency. George Tea however, is the inventor and owner of the patents and patents pending that describe the eco engine. At George Teacherson, George Tea makes a point of saying “things are going to change when GarageJet launches”. To find out more, the place to visit is

George Tea continues… “Where you’ll always see our competitors doing the same old thing, we however will increase engine efficiency, decrease engine weight and the weight of the vehicle and so save owners plenty of money. We do this because we believe it’s time things were done better. Ultimately the money-saving aspect is going to be a huge benefit to our customers.” GarageJet’s EcoStroke Engine is based upon well-proven technology and nothing breakthrough (save the invention itself) is needed.

George Teacherson creaation was established in 1998. It has always aimed to produce an environmentally compatible engine that saves people money and is lightweight enough to be used in a flying car. The EcoStroke engine will be able to bring down the cost of GarageJet’s Flying Car travel to where many people can afford to own one. And the GarageJet engine makes it cheap to own overall.

Currently, the closest thing to EcoStroke technology today is hybrid engines which are heavier than normal engines and far more complicated. But GarageJet improves on this by increasing engine efficiency and pretty much doubling the power-to-weight ratio such that emissions are reduced, hence helping the ecology and fuel is saved, thus saving drivers money. This alone is predicted to quickly make George Teacherson’s product, an eco-engine that saves people money, more popular with customers in the automotive space.

Working capital is the lifeblood of any operation. Without it, engine efficiencies will never become better. It took Tesla to make the automotive mainstream get serious about electric cars. However the ultimately heavy battery pack has, spectacularly, been shown capable of burning up the whole car and shows electric self-contained transportation to be less than a panacea. GarageJet however will lead the entire automotive industry into far more efficiency, far more ecologically friendly transportation, simplify people’s lives and will return a lot of money to drivers’ pockets. It just needs the working capital to do its magic.

Once again, GarageJet is set to launch when funded and show the way to far cleaner and far more economical transportation. For further information about George Teacherson, go to

Note that George Teacherson, George Tea, Garagejet and EcoStroke are all Trademarks of George Teacherson.

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