eCom Domination Jon Bowtell 2017 eCommerce Marketing Course Launched

Jon Bowtell, a professional digital marketer and website developer, announced eCom Domination, an eCommerce course and software package. eCom Domination allows users to create, supply and market a variety of eCommerce stores using a multitude of online tools.

Professional digital marketer and website developer Jon Bowtell launched eCom Domination, a new course allowing users to develop and market professional eCommerce stores.

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Online shopping has seen a tremendous growth over recent years, with more than half of global internet users making at least one online purchase in 2016. Online sales figures in the US alone are expected to double by 2020 to almost $700 billion.

More and more internet users have come to appreciate the convenience of shopping from the comfort of their homes, with roughly 40% of all consumers stating that they would ideally prefer to purchase everything online. This increased preference has led many business owners to consider starting their own eCommerce stores.

eCom Domination is a course-and-software package allowing users to create and market their own eCommerce stores using a variety of online tools. The course is addressed to everyone regardless of eCommerce experience, striving to provide an easy-to-use method to quickly and effectively create an e-store.

The course covers the basic principles behind creating an online store, from finding the right platform to choosing a name. Important aspects such as finding promising niches and choosing the products are also covered, the course being designed as a step-by-step set of accessible instructions.

One of the most challenging aspects of creating an e-store is finding the right suppliers. eCom Domination helps users find appropriate wholesalers for their online stores, regardless of niche or type of product.

The course also contains actionable instructions on how to use Amazon and eBay for a variety of marketing purposes, as well as how to create professional, SEO-friendly content for the e-store and promote it through effective social media marketing campaigns.

eCom Domination also comes with three additional eCommerce software solutions.

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