eCom Conversions Bradley Long 2016 Ecommerce Split Testing Training Launched

The prominent Fortune 500 e-commerce consultant Bradly Long just launched eCom Conversions, a brand new 24-module online training course and toolkit to help e-store owners discover and implement proven strategies, through leading slip-testing methods, to effectively optimize their e-commerce business.

A new online training course, entitled eCom Conversions, providing premier and proven strategies, methodologies and leading split-testing know-how to help intermediate and advanced e-store owners optimize their e-commerce business, has been launched.

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The eCom Conversions online training course was developed by Bradley Long, a prominent conversion rate optimization consultant with an established reputation for delivering results to a broad range of leading e-stores and brand in different of sectors along with Fortune 500 companies.

The newly launched online course contains 24 modules with multiple videos, mind maps and workbooks detailing Bradley Long’s premier conversion optimization methodology, including how to find the usability, copy, design or Facebook ad problems and visitors’ sales objections that might be affecting the e-store along with a full ‘web shoppers’ checklist’ detailing what visitors are looking for and multiple e-commerce growth strategies and ideas.

Leading information and guidance on how to effectively plan, set-up and run split testing to scientifically analyze and measure the impact of the changes or new strategies implemented is also included in the eCom Conversions online training course along with case studies on multiple e-commerce stores in a variety of sectors and B2B or B2C consumer markets.

More information on the eCom Conversions online training course and its tested conversion optimization methodology along with details on the benefits it can provide intermediate and advanced e-store owners can be consulted on the website link provided above or at

The eCom Conversions developer and e-commerce consultant, Bradley Long, explains that “the Shopify/e-commerce opportunities have exploded since early 2015 and the level of market sophistication has moved up a gear in 2016. It’s no secret that there are dozens of Shopify training courses on the market, including my own Shoptimized course. But eCom Conversions takes things to the next level for intermediate and advances store owners”.

He adds that “this groundbreaking and comprehensive toolkit teaches store owners how to quickly uncover the issues affecting their e-store, come up and implement innovative ideas to fix it, split test those changes to scientifically measure their impact and reliably optimize their e-commerce business to take the lead over their competitors without increasing their investment on advertising”.

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