Eco Garbage Disposal Management Cryptocurrency Anti-Poverty Program Launched

NGO Earth Clean Solution have launched a new program paying impoverished women in cryptocurrency to collect and transform plastics and other polluting garbage into less harmful materials.

Ecological waste disposal NGO Earth Clean Solution has launched a new program, aiming to simultaneously empower impoverished women and to remove plastics and other waste from the environment, before disposing of them responsibly.

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This launched program collects and transforms garbage by decreasing its volume significantly and thereby reducing its environmental impact.

The patent-pending technology, created by Dr. Philip Milanovich, collects, shreds, freezes, and pulverizes garbage, reducing the volume of plastic by 98%, before converting the transformed waste into new materials, including fuel and clean water.

Additionally, the program inducts women into responsible waste disposal employment, helping to lift disaffected communities out of poverty by giving them the tools to both earn cryptocurrency and transform the natural world.

Solutionist Dr Philip Milanovich founded Earth Clean Solutions to combat the global garbage problem and, in doing so, help impoverished women to become financially independent through both training and paying them.

The non-profit has established a cryptocurrency called Earth Coin Solutions that reimburses their female workers for their contribution to the responsible waste program.

Earth Clean Solutions are accepting online donations to their program for people interested in not only transforming global plastic waste and garbage, but also in empowering female workers in an ecological field.

The program launched by Montana-based Earth Clean Solutions will tackle heavily polluted rivers due to their relationship to ocean contamination and pollution.

The non-profit organization estimate that 10 of the world’s most contaminated rivers are contributing to 80% of all ocean garbage. They aim to drastically transform this through responsible and ecological garbage solutions.

A spokesperson for the non-profit said “Join us to learn more and help us transform the way we deal with garbage and help to provide a solution for millions of women worldwide.”

More information on donating and contact details can be found at the URL above, in addition to calling +1-480-212-6324.

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