Eco-Friendly Yoga Pants Recycled PET USA Made Launched On Amazon

Elektrix Love announces the launch of their Voltage Pants line of yoga pants on Amazon. The pants have a elastic-free high-waist design that make them very comfortable to wear. They are made of 79% recycled P.E.T bottles and 21% Spandex.

Elektrix Love announces the launch of their line of Voltage Pants on Amazon. The line consists of breathable yoga pants and the entire catalog is available at the e-retail site. The pants are made in the USA and conform to high standards of quality and comfort.

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Yoga and exercise pants need to deliver very high standards as they are put through a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis. The fabric must absorb sweat while drying quickly at the same time. The style must not pinch, sag or bunch up anywhere, causing the wearer to be distracted from the workout.

Elektrix Love’s new range of yoga pants is made of 79% recycled P.E.T bottles, in Southern California. The remaining 21% is made of high-quality Spandex. This combination makes the fabric very quick drying and stretchable with a 4-way stretch feature. The waistband is elastic-free and the gusset at the crotch adds more freedom of movement to even the most difficult yoga poses.

The pants have a high waist design which will not slip and provides a flattering and contouring fit. They have flatlock stitching which makes them durable and prevents chafing against the skin. The unusual combination of materials gives the pants a silky and expensive-looking finish which is not shiny and synthetic in appearance. They keep the wearer warm in winter and cool in summer.

Although the pants are high-waist, they are long enough for tall women and girls. They are available in a range of bright and edgy designs. Elektrix Love’s pants can also be worn on casual trips outdoors or to dance parties. The Elektrix Love eco-friendly yoga pants are available in a range of sizes and can be washed in the machine, in a cold cycle and hung to dry. For more information visit the Amazon link given above.

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