Eco-friendly UK Independent Utility Company LED Bulb Replacement Launched

Utility Warehouse, an award-winning eco-friendly UK independent utility company, announced the launch of a new LED bulb replacement service. The service is available to qualifying subscribers of its Gold Bundle and Double Gold plans.

Eco-friendly UK independent utility company Utility Warehouse announced the launch of its LED bulb replacement service. The service is free for all customers who purchase the Gold Energy or Double Gold bundles.

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The new free replacement LED lightbulb service is available to new subscribers and qualifying customers whose subscription includes Utility Warehouse energy, landline, and broadband services. The award-winning UK utility service company’s team will replace all lightbulbs in a home with energy-efficient LED bulbs.

LED bulbs have an average lifespan of 20,000 hours as compared to the 1,000 hours of incandescent bulbs. According to industry sources, an LED bulb uses one-eighth of power and result in cost savings of more than £150 per bulb across its lifetime.

Utility Warehouse will deploy its team of professional bulb fitters to install new LED bulbs at no cost. The bulbs are covered by a lifetime guarantee that includes free replacement bulbs mailed to a customer’s address. The company estimates the customers are expected to save between £300 to £500 including fitting for an average house.

The UK utility service provider offers affordable Gold Bundles that cover phone, broadband, mobile, and energy services. The company’s Cashback Challenge gives subscribers the chance to save on their utility bills while shopping using their complimentary Gourmet Society card.

According to a spokesperson for Utility Warehouse, “We are excited to launch this unbeatable offer for our Gold Bundle and Double Gold customers. As a growing utility company, we differentiate our service by finding ways for our customers to save money and make positive contributions to the environment by converting to LED bulbs.”

Utility Warehouse is a full-service utility company based in London and offering a comprehensive utility service. The service covers gas, mobile phones, electricity, broadband, landlines, and insurance. The company is the recipient of the Which? magazine 2018 Utilities Brand of the Year award and was recognized for customer service, clarity of bills, value for money, and other criteria by Moneywise magazine.

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