Eco-Friendly Shampoo Bar Travel Bath Care For Curly Flat And Dry Hair Launched

Online retailer Naples Soap Company launched a new collection of long-lasting, all-natural shampoo bars. The eco-friendly products are easy to use and can last for up to 50-75 washes.

Naples Soap Company, an online shop specializing in bath and body products made with natural ingredients, has hit a home run with their product line of eco-friendly hair bars. The gentle and nourishing shampoo and conditioner bars are suitable for all hair types, including dry, oily, curly, flat, and textured.

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While just as effective as traditional liquid shampoo and conditioner, hair bars are a solid-form, low-waste alternative that eliminates the need for plastic bottles.

Naples Soap Company’s handmade shampoo bars can soothe dry and flaky scalps without stripping the hair of natural oils.

Produced from natural ingredients like cocoa butter and coconut oil, the company’s vegan hair bars are safe for hair that has been color-treated, keratin-treated, or bleached. In addition, the products are free from harmful additives including parabens and phthalates.

Naples Soap Company currently offers its volumizing shampoo bars in an array of tropical, clean and herbal scents, including coconut lime, Florida fresh, eucalyptus hemp, and Morrocan oil. Customers can also opt for the retailer’s fragrance-free bar.

The compact products are easy to use, lightweight, and TSA-friendly making them ideal for any type of travel. Naples Soap Company also offers a reusable snap-close travel case that allows customers to securely take their shampoo or conditioner bar on-the-go.

Each long-lasting bar can be used for up to 50-75 washes.

To store their solid shampoo bar, customers can simply rest the product on a ledge where it can drain and air-dry between uses. Naples Soap Company’s bamboo soap dishes, available in either a round or rectangle shape, include large ventilation slats to further preserve the life of the product.

Naples Soap Company is currently offering a bundle deal for its low-waste shampoo bars in which customers who purchase three bars will receive a complimentary fourth bar free!

A satisfied customer said: “I absolutely love this shampoo bar. My hair feels so clean and healthy after using it. I highly recommend this product.”

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