Eco-Friendly School Fundraiser Program Launched – Customizable Car Garbage Bags

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Tossits of Clarkston, MI, has expanded its range of eco-friendly garbage bags for cars to include a new customizable product for school and other non-profit organization fundraisers.

With this expansion, the company is offering organizations the opportunity to raise funds by selling a unique product that helps parents keep their cars clean, and teaches children to respect and care for their local environment. Children love Tossits and will make great salespeople for a fundraiser! Kids like to “toss” in their backseat car wrappers, juice boxes, fast-food trash, and more — thereby keeping the car clean for Moms and Dads everywhere.

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The announcement will also be of interest to charities, churches, clubs, sports teams, and many other organizations, looking for a personalized product to offer to their supporters. With more than 50% of the sale price of customizable bags going to the fundraising organization, Tossits provides a profitable product that people will want to buy again and again.

Tossits are designed to keep cars clean and tidy and prevent trash from littering the nation’s highways. The car garbage bags are held firmly in place by a cardboard header board which is then hung from the headrest on either the front or back of the passenger seat. Each Tossits pack comes with seven bags which can easily be filled with trash by drivers and passengers, quickly removed from the header board, and disposed of responsibly.

The fundraising packs enable fundraisers to customize both the header board and bags with their own design. It is also possible to customize the color of the header board and fixings to reflect the fundraiser’s organization’s color palette. In addition, fundraisers can feature two different designs on the bags, with a simple brand campaign on the first six bags and a call-to-action on the seventh bag.

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A spokesperson for Tossits said, “We have a mission to create a greener environment with less trash on the streets. All of our eco-friendly bags are made with post-industrial recycled materials. In addition, we have created a fundraising product that virtually everyone can use. Tossits provide an easy way for parents and other drivers to keep their cars clean. Our car garbage bags teach kids to dispose of their trash carefully and not throw it on the floor or tucked it away in the seat pocket.”

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