Eco-Friendly Multi-Purpose Cleaner – Degreaser Concentrate For Schools Launched

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Demand is growing for environmentally friendly cleaning products. In response, Spokane, Washington-based Soap Free Procyon has launched updates to its range of multi-purpose cleaners.

A division of Plus Manufacturing Incorporated, the company now applies its detergent free formula to a general use concentrate. It is suitable for use in homes, schools, colleges, healthcare facilities, and many other areas.

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As with other products in the range, the new cleaning solution is indoor air quality tested and certified, as well as Green Seal certified. The supplier’s latest update continues in the tradition of providing American homes and businesses with the safest and most effective cleaning products.

The use of soaps and detergents for dirt removal can be traced back as far as 2800 BC. While it remains an effective agent, it can also have some undesirable consequences. Some of these include the residue that is left behind, along with the potential for allergic reactions.

The enhanced multi-purpose cleaner from Soap Free Procyon addresses many of these issues. While the residue left by detergents can become slippery when wet, the new solution is residue-free. As a result, potential slip and fall hazards can be avoided in areas of high traffic, such as corridors or kitchens.

Indeed, having manufactured soap free cleaning products for almost 40 years, the company states that its general-purpose degreaser has previously been used in many areas. These include exterior walls, boats and decks, recreational vehicles, HVAC systems, and any type of hard floor.

The updated solution is also much less likely to cause negative effects in comparison to detergent-based agents. The formula does not off-gas and is entirely odor-free, meaning that those suffering from asthma and other allergies are not likely to have any reaction.

In addition to this latest development, the Soap Free Procyon brand is also applied to a selection of other cleaning products. These include carpet and upholstery, tile and grout, and spot and stain cleaners. All products are biodegradable, and the company states that they also leave carpets and surfaces cleaner and brighter than traditional detergents.

Based in the Great Pacific Northwest, Plus Manufacturing is committed to providing the safest and most effective cleaning products available on the market today.

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