Ebenezer Real Estate Launches a New Ebook on Amazon for Green Home Buyers

A new ebook on buying environment-friendly homes is now available on Amazon. The book published by Ebenezer Real Estate, LLC is aimed at green home buyers.

Earlier today, Ebenezer Real Estate, LLC announced that their new ebook for green home buyers is now available on Amazon. The book titled “How to Buy a Green Home – A step-by-step guide to buying your green home without losing your shirt” is written by Seth Asare, an experienced real estate agent from Las Vegas. The ebook, which is available in the Kindle edition, is usable on all devices. According to the author, people who are planning to buy a green home or are currently in the process of buying a green home will benefit from it.

Seth Asare, a former REALTOR® at Keller Williams Realty and currently the Managing Member at Ebenezer Real Estate, LLC, says that the book will be useful to anyone who does not know how to buy a home, but it is specifically written for people looking for energy efficient homes. He said, “The green concept is rapidly becoming popular and more and more homebuyers are looking for environment-friendly homes. While this is good news for the planet, the lack of knowledge among buyers is a big hurdle. Green homes command a higher market value than regular homes. This has led to many homes being labeled green just because they have a couple of environment-friendly features. The average homebuyer does not understand that a solar panel does not make a home green and that a green home need not have one. This ebook will hopefully educate people about what they should really look for in a green home so that their extra investment really translates into benefits and savings for them.”

Going by the table of contents and sample chapters provided at Amazon, the 14-chapter ebook seems to cover pretty much everything about the home buying process, right from deciding a budget to closing the deal. There are chapters about budget calculation, mortgage options, finding an agent, finding and working with lenders, deciding the specifications, viewing properties, making offers, negotiation, inspections, appraisals and closing formalities. The book also has a chapter on green home basics. According to the author, every chapter is specifically written for green home buyers and the book includes home buying checklists as well. The sections on finding agents, inspectors and appraisers specifically discuss the importance of finding professionals having certifications in green buildings and green construction.

Home buying is a difficult process in itself and the additional factors that come into play while evaluating a green home make it tougher. Homebuyers are likely to welcome any resource that makes this process easier. From the information currently available, this book could be a good first step for people looking for green homes. Rather than straight away going after listings of energy-efficient homes for sale in their neighborhood, they will be able to do a more objective home search.

Ebenezer Real Estate, LLC is currently focused on green homes. Besides their real estate business, the company provides information and guidance on energy-efficient homes, green buildings and general information for the benefit of homebuyers. The current ebook is the latest among a series of books on home buying, home organization and energy-efficient homes. Here is the link to the latest book on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01CQWO4EM?ref_=pe_2427780_160035660

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