Eben Pagan’s Virtual Coach Training for Coaches Now Accepting Applications

Experienced entrepreneur and business coach Eben Pagan launches Virtual Coach, a new course for both trainee and experienced coaches. It helps coaches by giving them proven techniques to build their positioning, increase their coaching effectiveness and grow a list of clients.

A new training course has been launched for anyone wanting to become a coach or build a coaching business. The training called Virtual Coach, by Eben Pagan, offers information and guidance on how to get a coaching business up and running, inspiring people to be the best coach that they can be.

More information about Eben Pagan’s Virtual Coach can be found at: http://ipb.us/eben-pagan/virtual-coach

The new training course was developed by Eben Pagan to help make it easier than ever before for people to develop their own coaching program. This means they can set out and help people, regardless of their area of coaching, and start the best coaching business they can.

Designed to help both aspiring and established coaches with lots of years of experience, Virtual Coach aims to help them how to position and market their coaching services in a unique and proven way. Because of the interactive weekly sessions participants can benefit from getting their questions answered as they are growing their coaching practice.

Eben Pagan is an entrepreneur, teacher, business thought leader, coach and investor. On his website, it explains that he started his business career by selling an ebook about dating, and in the years that followed, he has gone on to sell over $100 million worth of information products.

His Virtual Coach program is a new training program with a special focus on how to become a great coach and build the best coaching practice possible. Participants will be able to boost their coaching skills, and learn new marketing systems to ensure they can reach their audience and engage with their clients in a way that helps them get the results the want.

By taking the course, new and experienced coaches alike can get access to an all encompassing system that enables them to build a coaching practice based on their unique set of skills, which can grow with them into a practice that they truly love.

Full details of the course, and how Eben Pagan can give clients all the information they need, can be found on the URL above.

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