EasyReps.com Redesigns Website to Feature Content on Bodybuilding and Fitness

Newly redesigned website EasyReps.com gets more serious with promoting health and fitness by complementing their humorous viral videos with more useful information on exercise.

Newly Redesigned Website Gets More Serious with Promoting Health and Fitness by Complementing Their Humorous Viral Videos with More Useful Information on Exercise

Huntsville, AL (February 1, 2016) – When it first launched, EasyReps.com earned its readership by posting funny articles and curating some of the web’s most popular viral videos related to fitness training and bodybuilding. It kept readers coming back solely by posting content that featured well-known bodybuilding celebrities, hilarious amateur footage, and articles with raw humor rather than insight into the world of fitness.

Now, the website is recently redesigned to include serious, informative posts for people who want to get into bodybuilding and personal training, or looking for help with their fitness journey.

“We didn’t believe our site’s existing library properly conveyed our passion for bodybuilding, personal training and fitness,” says Julie Pickett, spokesperson for EasyReps.com. “While we do want to share the lighter side of fitness and don’t mind poking fun at the sport of bodybuilding, we didn’t want to waste the expertise and knowledge of our content curators and producers.”

Pickett adds that by including material aimed at personal trainers and those serious about fitness, EasyReps.com hopes to strike a balance and achieve a win-win situation – their experts will get to share what they know, while those who want fitness guidance will get the help they need.

The change comes as EasyReps.com makes an effort to expand its audience and provide an avenue for up-and-coming professional trainers to step into the spotlight. One trainer featured in the new content selection of the website is Elliot Hulse, who has years of experience in the fitness industry. In one of his videos, he explains to his viewers how to get a stronger grip when working to build strength via weightlifting. In another video, Hulse provides alternatives to buying expensive whey protein for anyone looking to save money while getting fit.

Other trainers are featured as well. Professional athletic trainer and physical therapist Jeff Cavaliere showcases his expertise by giving an explanation of exercises that should be avoided while strength training. A demonstration video posted on EasyReps.com tells viewers how to use the burpee exercise for better rope climbing and Olympic lifting.

“We’re making all this effort to show our readers that our website is more than just an online destination for people to get a good laugh,” says Pickett. “We want to provide more practical help and fitness advice to our readers, as well as build credibility within the industry.”

However, Pickett adds that while EasyReps.com is making a move towards building credibility, it assures its existing readers that they still do not take themselves too seriously. Their aim in providing more informational content is to address more segments of their audience.

“The funny videos and jokes will still be there,” says Pickett. “We still have our links to hilarious content up and running. But by mixing in plenty of how-to posts and informative content with our comical staples, we believe we get to satisfy our readership more and grow our site more as well.”

EasyReps.com is a website dedicated to the lighter side of the fitness industry as well as to providing useful information that will help its readers build muscle and be fit. For more information, please contact Julie Pickett at info@easyreps.com or visit http://easyreps.com.

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