easyBizprinting Introduces First Buyers Protection Guide For Print Industry

Just released for Enterprise Print Buyers is the Buyer’s Protection Guide written to help buyers avoid the top 5 red flags before signing a contract and tips to save hundreds on small and large format print jobs.

The “Buyer’s Protection Guide” for Print Managers is the Industry’s first information guide to help print buyers avoid hidden costs, spot poor customer service signs early and avoid unexpected product quality issues when shopping for a print house. Enterprise print buyers have enough on their plate without the added stress of print shops that over-promise and under-deliver.

easyBizprinting co-founder Elsa Kitts says “buyers are increasingly frustrated when shopping for a reliable small or large format print house. Buyers really just want a worry-free and predictable purchase experience with less hassle, less cost and less time to deliver”. The typical problem for demanding print buyers is that they can’t tell which printer is any better than the next. One company begins to look and sound like another. Buyers take a chance and end up with a bad experience. Enterprise print buyers can learn to protect their company from being gouged and get more mileage for their small and large format budget by downloading and reading the Buyer’s Protection Guide. Protect limited marketing budgets and become an informed Buyer.

The Top 5 Print Buyer Frustrations –

1 – Hidden Costs

2 – Inconsistent Print Quality and Materials

3 – Poor Customer Service

4 – Frequently Missed Deadlines

5 – Lack of Communications

About Easy Biz Printing

A leading Silicon Valley preferred printer when deadlines and consistent print quality are critical. A complete in-house print solution offers customers a one stop resource for small and large format, apparel, promotional items, fulfillment/shipping and project management.

5 Star service, attention to detail and frequent client communications ensure satisfaction. Easy Biz Printing eliminates the stress and pressure associated with complex print jobs and lowers the risk to try a new print shop. Client work is guaranteed through a “Code of Performance” policy. For more information, please visit http://www.easyBizprinting.com/

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