Easy To Use Back/Body Hair Shaver For Men – Long Handled Grooming Product Update

Fuze Brands, an online retailer of men’s grooming products, has announced updates to its bestselling Back and Body Shaver for Men, which includes an extra-long handle and detachable head.

The recent updates come in response to customer feedback collected over the course of 2021 and provide better maneuverability for users trying to use the shaver alone.

More details can be found at http://bit.ly/2qRG0a0

The brand’s latest announcement highlights the compact, foldable design of the Back and Body Shaver, making it ideal for traveling with and packing.

Whether excess body hair is a lifelong issue, something a partner or loved one has expressed distaste for or a concern that has arisen due to age or hormonal changes, there are many reasons why the topic could be sensitive. With the Back and Body Shaver for Men from Fuze Brands, customers can discreetly remove their own body hair without the need to ask for help or pay for expensive waxing or hair removal treatments on a regular basis.

For many, body hair, and in particular, back hair, is not an aesthetic issue or style choice, but a day-to-day problem that causes uncomfortable friction, sweating, and heat. Others might want to remove body hair to improve their athletic performance, such as during swimming, or bodybuilders who want to highlight their hard-earned muscle tone.

Regardless of the reason, the shaver’s extra-long folding handle makes difficult-to-reach places such as the middle back easier to reach alone. Developed using anti-rust blades with innovative nick-free teeth, the shaver glides over wet or dry skin equally well, for a smooth, hair-free result in minutes.

For extra maneuverability and ease of use, the shaver also features a detachable head and a smaller handle. This way, customers can detach the head and use it to shave front-facing, easier-to-reach areas for an all-over hairless appearance – ideal for the chest, abdomen, arms, and legs. The Back and Body Shaver comes with two additional Dry Glide blades, for a long-term, patch-free result.

This product is the best,” said one satisfied customer. “I can remove hair on the parts I normally don’t get to or reach, and I can forget about hot or cold waxes that tend to irritate my skin. Highly recommended.”

Interested parties can find out more by visiting http://bit.ly/2qRG0a0

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