Easy Easter Egg Painting With Brush Set Launched by Master Artists

Art Supplies announced the ability to use their product for Easter Egg painting and the continued availability of their Artists Paint Brushes "Art Supplies Set of 6-Filbert Golden Nylon Brushes" available at Amazon. More information can be found at http://www.amztk.com/turnleft

The exciting news this Easter is that Easter egg painting will never be the same again. Just launched onto the market is a set of 6-Filbert Golden Nylon Brushes by Art Supplies. Ell Bailey, spokesperson at Art Supplies has just released more details of her products continued development and its variety of uses.

With the traditional painting of Easter Eggs being a long valued family activity, this set of brushes will be the perfect tool to get the job done in a classically beautiful way.

Painting Easter Eggs can be difficult as the more intricate designs will take longer to create using other more traditional methods. With this set of brushes, the developers say that the job will be a lot easier to master as the smaller sizes of brush gives the ability to paint designs as intricate as the imagination limits it to being.

The brushes are well suited for the use of the acrylic paint needed to give the perfect finish to any egg because of their ability to deliver a consistent and smooth paint flow.

With the larger size brushes available in the set, there is the scope to paint the basket and accompanying pots needed to contain the decorated eggs. Said company spokesperson Ell Bailey: “The largest brush in the set is the size twelve which gives a wide enough cover to tackle most jobs of this nature with ease.”

Ell also went on to say “As Easter egg painting is symbolic of the values that people hold in the Easter holiday, so we as the developer of the brushes value the quality and value of our product. This is how we can be justifiably proud of the lifetime guarantee giving buyers assurance that the purchase will not just be for Easter.”

So Easter will not be the same this year if people join in the excitement of this newly launched product.

Those interested in discovering more about the product or purchasing it can go directly to the product listing, here: http://www.amztk.com/turnleft

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