Easy Back Shaver For Men – Long-Handled Body Hair Removal No-Cut Razor Updated

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Fuze Brands, a retailer of lifestyle and grooming products, has launched updates to its popular men’s grooming tool, the Back and Body Shaver for Men, developed to help men remove hair from difficult-to-reach places.

The brand’s updated shaver takes into consideration the most popular customer requests and now offers an extra-long handle and detachable head for better maneuverability and ease of use.

More details can be found at http://bit.ly/2qRG0a0

With the recent announcement, customers can now purchase the Back and Body Shaver to travel with, as the handle folds neatly away to make it easier to pack or store at home.

As men become more and more invested in personal grooming, the sensitive topic of back and body hair often still remains a taboo subject that many prefer not to discuss. But whether back hair is an aesthetic problem, something to be removed to help improve their athletic performance, or simply causing discomfort from friction, heat and sweat, there are solutions.

The Back and Body Shaver for Men from Fuze Brands has been developed to help men to remove their own body hair without the need to ask for help. An innovative alternative to traditional razors, hair removal creams and painful waxing treatments, the shaver combines a long hand and clever blades with safety teeth to make the job easy.

The extra-long handle means difficult to reach places like the center of the back are now easy to shave. With anti-rust blades that are guaranteed not to nick or cut the skin when used properly, the shaver can be used wet or dry for a smooth, patch-free back and body.

Since the shaver from Fuze Brands also features a detachable head, customers can remove the top of the product and use its effective blades to safely shave other body parts of excess or unwanted hair. The large head is well-suited to small and large areas, from the arms to the abs, and with a quick rinse, can be reattached, folded away and stored for traveling.

“The best grooming tool I have ever used,” said one satisfied customer. “It does exactly what it says, it doesn’t leave any irritation or bumps when you follow the instructions properly, and I was able to get my whole back. I would definitely recommend this.”

Interested parties can find out more by visiting http://bit.ly/2qRG0a0

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