Eastpointe MI Criminal Defense Law Firm DUI Criminal Defense Services Launched

Eastpointe, MI criminal defense law office Fran Murphy Law has launched criminal defense services for clients accused of DUI offenses in the city. The practice also handles cases involving drug possession, assault, personal injury, and related cases.

Eastpointe, MI criminal defense law office Fran Murphy Law announced the launch of driving under the influence (DUI) criminal defense services in the city. Attorney Frances Murphy and her team of legal professionals provide legal advice and court representation for individuals accused of DUI, operating while under the influence (OUI) and other related charges.

More information about Fran Murphy Law is available at https://franmurphylaw.com

Fran Murphy Law has launched DUI criminal defense services to protect the rights of those accused of OWI and OWVI offenses. The state of Michigan classifies intoxicated driving as operating while visibly impaired (OWVI) and operating while intoxicated (OWI), offenses that carry serious consequences.

These consequences include fines, suspension of an offender’s driver’s license, vehicle immobilization, community service, and jail time. Multiple DUI offenses can result in the revocation or forfeiture of driving license, denial of vehicle registration, and lengthy imprisonment.

Metro Detroit attorney Frances Murphy is an experienced lawyer with experience in criminal defense of misdemeanors and felonies as well as complex personal injury cases. When handling a DUI case, the team at Fran Murphy Law focuses on aggressively protecting a client’s rights under the law.

Eastpointe, MI DUI attorneys leverage encyclopedic knowledge of DUI arrest protocol, police procedures, and local laws to ensure that clients are treated fairly. Fran Murphy Law also handles cases of assault, traffic violations, drug possession charges, and probation.

In a recent testimonial, a happy client states, “Frances is fantastic. She is very thorough and knowledgeable in everything she does. She creates a quick and decisive plan of action on your case and executes above and beyond all expectations. She does very well at keeping you informed and up to date on all things pertinent.”

Fran Murphy Law is headed by attorney-at-law Frances Murphy, an experienced trial lawyer and an alumnus of Michigan State University and Wayne State University Law School.

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