Eastern Tai Chi Philosophy Guided New Thinking At The Global Top Rehabilitation Conference

Recently, the second session of AIRS international conference on rehabilitation was held in Barcelona, Spain.

Recently, the second session of AIRS international conference on rehabilitation was held in Barcelona, Spain. Mr. Liu Xiangyang, founder of Orenda, Chinese tai chi culture ambassador for international communication of CPAFFC (Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries) and global well-known experts and scholars of rehabilitation field were invited to attend this conference to talk about the new rehabilitation of human.

AIRS international conference on rehabilitation is an international conference for cross-boundary exchange, and it is also a very attractive international academic exchange platform in the field of medicine, receiving the consistent affirmation of authority in the industry. At the conference, well-known experts and scholars congregated from the countries such as Germany, USA, Netherland, and China communicated positively, and conducted the new academic discussions surrounding the new rehabilitation of genomics, microbiome and eastern tai chi philosophy under the integrative medicine.

Doctor Daniel van der Leile from University of Groningen Netherlands proposed that intestinal flora helps cancer patients regulate appetite, immunity and endocrine a lot, and this report aroused heated discussion among the participants: whether cancer rehabilitation will consider microbial therapy together when enhancing the importance of nutrition.

In addition, Mr. Liu Xiangyang, advocate of the integrative medicine of physical and mental health and Chinese tai chi culture ambassador for international communication of CPAFFC, also fully narrated the balanced philosophy of eastern tai chi in promoting rehabilitation practice, which deepens people’s recognition and understanding on the new rehabilitation. He said, “External is Yang, internal is Yin, one Yin and one Yang is called Dao.”Tai chi activity possesses the roles of harmonizing Yin and Yang and softening the sympathetic nervous system,making the blood provide more nourishment to the viscera, allowing people to return to quiet and peaceful state psychological and physical states.Mr. Liu Xiangyang stated the quintessence of eastern tai chi philosophy from the aspects including life practice, enterprise operation and social public welfare: live by learning from the changes rules of Yin and Yang in the nature, and exercise according to the correct health maintenance method; tai chi shows in the form while the peace is placed in the inner mind. This is the path of rehabilitation summarized by Mr. Liu Xiangyang with eastern tai chi philosophy.

Balance of “Eat, move and heart” has been the healthy lifestyle advocated by Orenda, and it aims to help members and owners achieve a healthy and happy life by advocating lifestyle. Mr. Liu Xiangyang established Orenda integrative medicine system of physical and mental health by applying eastern tai chi philosophy and integrating the most advantageous global practice institution of physical and mental health, completing the trinity layout from health promotion, basic medical, andaccurate rehabilitation, starting from individual habitus to eat organically and naturally, exercise scientifically and healthily, and be abundance in mind and comfortable via the balance of “Eat, move and heart”, thus the accurate rehabilitation under the integrative medicine is realized.

Professor Li Ling, head of Health Development Research Center of Peking University, highly recognized the philosophy of Mr. Liu Xiangyang. She said: “I think he (Liu Xiangyang) proves the culture of “peace” by his own practice, this is a balance philosophy, new rehabilitation is new balance, people’s organs are constantly declining when people grow older, you need to reach the new balance from the past balance, this coincides with the philosophy of healthy China and also coincides with the balance of “Eat, move and heart” of Orenda”.

This AIRS international conference on rehabilitation not only provides an opportunity for the global experts and scholars to open up thinking but also provides more opportunities and possibilities for enhancing the bilateral and multi-party cooperation and promoting the transfer of new research technology results and application methods, and meanwhile, it also provides a new exploration direction for the new cause of rehabilitation for human. In the future, Orenda will also open its arms to absorb more international advanced medical philosophies and technologies and to benefit more owners and members; Orenda also hopes to forge ahead and make some contributions to people’s pursuits toward the health and happiness.

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