East Rutherford – Triumph Scrapers For Window Debris Removal/Cleaning Launched

Scrapers are the ideal solution for removing debris from smooth surfaces that can’t go away by simply washing them. Those who want to ensure an optimal finish can now order from a wide selection of tools available on J. Racenstein’s (201-809-7500) website.

The East Rutherford, New Jersey-based supplier of cleaning equipment and chemicals has expanded its selection of scraping tools on its online store. The company now offers high-quality scrapers of the Triumph brand that can be applied for various surface cleaning purposes.

More information is available at our Triumph Scrapers For Window Debris Removal page

The latest addition complements J. Racenstein’s extensive catalog of scrapers of well-known brands, including Handy Scraper Ettore, Unger, Sorbo, IPC Pulex, and Moerman. The tools are made from durable materials and are suitable for both personal and professional use.

J. Racenstein offers a range of scrapers that effectively clean automotive tint and protective films from windows and glasses. The tools are also ideal for scraping paint residues, adhesives, and stickers from granite and other smooth hard surfaces. The stainless steel scrapers come with sharp, flexible blades in a plastic container that eliminates the risk of nicks and cuts.

This selection of 0.15mm thick blade scrapers can facilitate the work of automotive technicians, window cleaning professionals, and is also appropriate for home use.

For tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts interested in tools designed with a focus on functionality and safety, the store offers a wide array of maneuverable Triumph scrapers with 0.20mm carbon-coated steel blades. The reinforced, ergonomic handles of the products make them easy and safe to use. They can be utilized for cleaning debris even in constricted areas when placed on a telescopic pole.

Building specialists and customers requiring tools for heavier tasks can choose from a set of Triumph scrapers for removing leftover concrete, asphalt, or other stubborn debris on floors, pavements, and similar hard surfaces. They are equipped with thicker blades and a safety cap for secure storage.

J. Racenstein ships products to the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico from its two well-stocked warehouses through a fully integrated distribution system. The specialist supplier also offers online guides and expert advice for customers. Those who choose to order through the website can rely on dedicated customer service representatives who can be contacted in person for a consultation.

A satisfied customer said: “These guys are definitely on top of everything! Their customer service is amazing and communication with them is excellent!”

Further details can be found at https://www.jracenstein.com/c/window-cleaning/scrapers-and-blades/c424

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