East Rutherford NJ Squeegee Handles/T-Bars – Window Washing Equipment Expanded

East Rutherford, New Jersey-based J Racenstein NJ ((201) 809-7500), a leading distributor of window washing supplies, tools, and equipment, is expanding its line of products to offer a wider range of squeegee equipment, including handles, T-bars, sleeves, soaps, chemicals, telescopic poles and more.

Supplying the industry’s best brands of window cleaning and building supplies since 1909, J Racenstein NJ has two warehouse locations, one in East Rutherford, New Jersey, and one in Santa Ana, California. The company also has an online store that features all window washing categories, over 30 partnering brands and an extensive array of products. A recent expansion in stock means customers will find the equipment and accessories they need, at the industry’s best prices.

More information is available at our Squeegee Handles/T-Bars – Window Washing Equipment page.

With warehouse locations on the east coast and on the west coast, J Racenstein NJ can offer swift delivery of client orders. Warehouses are equipped with automated carousels, business intelligence and shipping logistics that can often accommodate same-day shipping. An expansion in their line of products means the company stocks the industry’s widest range of squeegee equipment and accompanying cleaners, scrubbers, and accessories.

The company’s line of squeegee equipment includes BackFlip combination models, VisaVersa Complete sets, Swivel Washer S-Arms, and more. Representing the industry’s top brands, including Ettore, Moerman, Pulex, Sorbo, and Unger, the assortment of squeegee products is diverse and versatile.

The Ettore BackFlip Combination Squeegee and Washer, a four-in-one tool that fits most extension poles, can be used as two different tools when necessary. Considered a one-piece engineering breakthrough, the BackFlip is a combo washer and squeegee, a one-pass wash and wipe, a heavy-duty washer, and a squeegee with a quick-release channel. A how-to video on the company website’s product page helps with use and directions.

J Racenstein NJ has been in the window washing business since 1909. Nationally recognized as the comprehensive solution to all window washing and cleaning challenges, the company’s website provides tools, soaps, accessories, and guidance in fall prevention, softwash cleaning, water-fed cleaning, pressure washing, building cleaning and interior cleaning.

A company spokesperson says, “J Racenstein NJ has the biggest and best selection of squeegee equipment. We also provide an extensive catalog of our inventory and have two automated warehouse locations. Our online guides and excellent customer service are what make us number one in the industry.”

With a recent expansion in products and product options, the experts at J Racenstein NJ have the solution for every window washing need, at prices that align with customer budgets.

Visit J https://www.jracenstein.com/c/window-cleaning/c2760 to find out more.

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