East Harlem Tax Service Expands Personal & Homeowners Insurance Brokerage

Harlem, NY tax & insurance firm East Harlem Tax Services announced the expansion of its insurance brokerage services. The firm's expanded offerings include brokerage across 40 insurance carriers for personal, homeowners, business, car, and commercial auto insurance. These insurance services complement the firm's financial consulting.

New York financial services firm East Harlem Tax Service announced the expansion of its core services to include insurance brokerage in the city. The firm helps clients choose insurance products covering contracts, childcare, health, commercial automobiles, and businesses.

More information about East Harlem Tax Services is available at http://eastharlemtaxes.com/

The firm’s insurance brokerage also helps clients choose umbrella liability coverage for homeowners and personal insurance. East Harlem Tax Services provides brokerage services for a wide range of homeowners’ policies including Basic (HO1), Special (HO3), Enhanced and Special (HO5) insurance. The firm also brokers policies on condominiums and older homes.

The firm specializes in childcare insurance, general liability to protect small businesses, car and commercial automotive insurance. East Harlem Tax Services serves more than 100 clients in New York and provides clients with access to policies from 40 insurance carriers.

One of the firm’s functional areas is financial consulting for entrepreneurs, a suite of services that complements its insurance brokerage. Experienced financial experts from East Harlem Tax Services help companies set up operations, develop and implement compliant financial policy, and support business operations through mandatory and optional insurance cover.

Other services provided include reporting, business analysis, profit & loss statements, budgeting, and forecasting for small and medium businesses. The firm also provides comprehensive bookkeeping services covering financial planning, bill payments, as well as Federal and New York tax deductions.

According to a spokesperson for the Harlem, NY tax & insurance firm, “The expansion of our insurance brokerage services is part of the firm’s continuing mission to equip entrepreneurs and small businesses with world-class financial services at the lowest possible cost.”

Headquartered in Harlem, NY, East Harlem Tax Services are a full-service tax and insurance brokerage providing tax preparation, filing, and tax resolution services. More information about the firm’s expanded services is available at the URL above.

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