East Anglia Commercial Water Treatment & Softener Installation Service Announced

Cambridgeshire water softener installation and repair specialist, Aquamaster Water Treatment Ltd has announced it can help customers with a full range of commercial and residential softeners. It prides itself on its high quality service across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, and East Anglia.

Aquamaster Water Treatment Ltd has announced that it can help customers around the Cambridgeshire area with supplying and installing commercial water softeners. It can also provide full servicing and repairing for commercial water softeners, along with installing domestic and commercial reverse osmosis systems for purifying drinking water, or high purity water for industry.

More information can be found at: http://aquamasterwater.co.uk.

The site explains that customers looking for the best commercial water treatment systems around Cambridge can get in touch with Aquamaster Water Treatment Ltd. It offers full water softener servicing, repair and installation and prides itself on its attention to customer care and high quality service.

Established in 1975, it covers the entire Cambridgeshire area, along with Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, East Anglia and beyond. It can help both residential and commercial users with water softening, reverse osmosis, purification, filtration, and drinking water filter systems.

Aquamaster carries out installation work for domestic or commercial water softeners, filtration, PH and ultraviolet systems, micro filtration, ultra filtration, carbon de-chlorination systems and re-bedding resin medias.

It is fully insured to five million pounds and holds an Advanced City and Guilds of London Institute Certificate from 1975, Advanced Diploma in 2007 with W.H Paul in Industrial Reverse Osmosis and High Purity Water, Well Water Treatment Certificate of Tennessee, USA, Small Water Systems Operator Certificate, and more.

The company strives to offer Cambridgeshire customers the best in water treatment services for their home and office. It is a one stop solution for every water treatment need, and can offer maintenance, servicing and repairs of most makes and models of water softeners.

Softened water has a range of benefits, including ensuring cleaner and shinier silverware, and more. It also helps to ensure that homeowners have softer skin, while reduced soap curd makes cleaning easier. Homeowners can also save money on their appliances because softeners can preserve the life of all water appliances.

Full details of the water softener installation and repair services offered by Aquamaster Water Treatment Ltd can be found on the URL above. Interested parties can get in touch using the contact details provided on site.

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