Easily Improve 2021 Holiday Profits Selling On Amazon: Webinar Launched

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A new webinar recorded on November 11 from leading Amazon vendor cost recovery service launches proprietary, cloud-based solution for 1P Vendors to help increase revenues by recovering substantial erroneous fees with little effort by employees, similar solutions soon for 3P FBA Sellers seeking, overdue reimbursements.

Leading Amazon cost recovery services launches proprietary, cloud-based solutions for first party vendors (1P), and soon for third party FBA (3P) sellers. chargeguard insight is much more than a dashboard and provides easily implemented solutions – all for free. Unlike most confusing dashboards, chargeguard Insight provides, transparent, data-storytelling, easier to use, and more intuitive than a dashboard. Get cost-reducing, relevant, actionable insights and recommendations to minimize future Amazon deductions. To see a demo contact chargeguard by clicking here: https://bit.ly/3vExmJ8

This unique informational portal is just the icing on the cake when working with chargeguard to recover erroneous fees! Amazon vendors can increase profits within a few weeks if 3P, or within three months if 1P. Because Amazon charges more erroneous fees than any other retailer. Depending upon the vendor level percentage revenue recovered can range between 1% to 18%.

Increase profits quickly by fighting Amazon deductions shouldn’t be rocket science. With chargeguard, it isn’t. chargeguard is an organization of passionate online retail specialists leveraging 40+ years of merchandising, eCommerce and shopper marketing to optimize growth and profitably on the Amazon marketplace and other eRetailers. Many major brands, such as Schick, Platex, Wet Ones, Birds Eye, Duncan Hines, Wish Bone to name a few, have enjoyed chargeguard cost recovery efforts. Click here to see more: https://bit.ly/3b6HcKp

The purpose of chargeguard is to not only help brands thrive on Amazon and eCommerce retailer platforms but also to empower retailers with the knowledge, actionable insights, and thought leadership needed to even an unfair playing field when selling on Amazon.

Because Amazon has to control enormous volume it relies heavily upon automation and rigid vendor policies in order to function efficiently. Consequently, there is little time and incentive for Amazon to be proactive or expedient when it comes to cost recovery and reimbursement for their vendors. Amazon’s vendor shortages and chargeback fees have become so prevalent that many sellers now just accept it as a part of doing business with Amazon. This is not right, nor necessary any longer. And it is now easy to correct with chargeguard.

Stop paying for Amazons’ mistakes. Chargebacks and shortages, sometimes referred to as non-compliance fees, are their hidden profit center, estimated in 2018 to be $6 billion. Look at these staggering statistics on the 3P FBA side alone:

1-3% discrepancy rate for FBA managed inventory

99% of sellers are owed money by Amazon

70% of cases brought against Amazon are left pending

Keep in mind that the statistics are far greater for 1P vendors, with erroneous fees ranging from 4% to 18%.

Take advantage of a free, no obligation C.E.R.A. account audit reveals the amount of chargeback and shortage fees that are recoverable from Amazon. chargeguard recovery specialists then go to work to reclaim up to 70% of these fees every month. To sign up for the free audit 1P vendors-click here: https://bit.ly/3b6HcKp

3P FBA sellers click here: https://bit.ly/3mcgXsc

Although Vendor Central and Vendor Seller account access look-back is limited, chargeguard can recover erroneous fees going back 5 years.

Why hire or pay employees to navigate the confusion of Amazon revenue restrictions? Working with chargeguard is like having a full-time cost recovery department for a fraction of the price. With the addition of the new Insight data-storytelling application, errors and fees can be mitigated much easier than when trying to decipher most dashboards. Employee interaction is surprisingly limited, after initial implementation. Every week Insight hands a storyboard to management of an easy-to-understand picture of where the problems are within inventory management, purchase order notifications, packing, shipping, logistics, etc. to be quantified and solutions quickly set in motion.

Watch a free webinar recording packed with tips and insight on how to reduce erroneous Amazon fees, which are traditionally worse during the holiday season. Click here to register: https://slamllc-4938b.gr8.com/

As 1P vendors prepare for peak selling periods on Amazon, typically focus on eRetail readiness, advertising and promotional planning. However, often overlooked is the cost implications of surging chargeback and shortage fees. Operational preparedness and proactive fee management are key components to maximize profitability during the holiday season.

During this event, industry experts from chargeguard will cover:

• How seasonality affects Amazon fee accrual

• Why surges in chargebacks and shortages impact profitability

• How to mitigate risk and maximize profitability

Contact chargeguard here for a free audit now: https://bit.ly/3vExmJ8

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