EASE Magnesium: Reviews of Controversial Oil Released by Finality Health

EASE Magnesium reviews of Activation Products' new transdermal oil spray are slowly surfacing, praising this new product. But with these bold claims about the absorption and benefits of this magnesium, Kevin Daniels has decided to publish an in-depth article about it.

EASE has been getting rave reviews from many different authorities in the health and nutrition industry. EASE Magnesium has been created by one of the industry’s more respected companies, Activation Products, but still some are skeptical towards the claims that have been made about it. Because of all of the controversy surrounding it, Finality Health owner, Kevin Daniels, has decided to review EASE Magnesium on the FinalityHealth.com web site.

“We all see a lot of magic-pill type promises surrounding the health and nutrition industry.” admits Daniels. “But after really diving in and examining EASE, it’s safe to say that this is not some over-hyped supplement. Activation Products delivers what is probably the best transdermal magnesium product I’ve seen. But still, it’s important to note that before taking any new supplement, you should always consult with your doctor, even if it is just magnesium.”

Activation Products’ EASE is quite simply pure magnesium chloride hexahydrate mixed with water. But with the transdermal/spray method, the delivery is considered far superior than that of taking a traditional pill.

Magnesium is known to aid the body in over 300 enzymatic functions and lends it’s hand to many aspects of a healthy life, ranging from strong muscles and bones to being in a good mood and feeling relaxed.

“There’s no denying that having a healthy and optimal level of magnesium is essential to living a good and healthy life.” report Daniels. “Activation Products has designed a great tool in helping just about anyone optimize their health and restore their bodies to healthy levels of magnesium. EASE is definitely the product that I’d recommend for anyone in the market for a transdermal magnesium oil. And after considering all of the benefits to having a proper level of magnesium, I can see why their product is so popular!”

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