Ease Dog Anxiety Newcomer Pet Keep Calm Strategies For Training Report Launched

My Best Bark, a popular online resource for dog owners, has launched a new report providing first-hand advice on reducing stress levels in dogs. The site is a leading destination for positive dog stories, articles and more.

My Best Bark, the popular online resource for dog lovers, has launched a new report giving first-hand advice on reducing stress levels in dogs. The report is the latest in a wide range of articles and lifestyle stories including dog sled deliveries during the epidemic and heart-warming dog adoption stories.

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The latest report focuses on how one couple helped their Jack Russell Sydney overcome his chronic stress that he began to suffer once they brought a second dog into their family.

Sydney was so stressed he could not stop shaking whenever he saw the second dog, with the result that the new dog was kept permanently outside. A professional dog trainer is shown using a clicker combined with praise and treats to reinforce relaxed behavior.

The trainer also recommends massage to help Sydney relax while the other dog, Sam, spent time in doggy day care and enjoyed time in his own space outdoors. Within a short time Sydney and Sam are shown happily co-existing together, illustrating how simple training techniques can be used to overcome seemingly worrying stress issues.

Another story features 22-year-old Hannah Lucas who has been helping her vulnerable neighbors during the pandemic through delivering their groceries by dog sled in upstate Maine. Hannah is able to combine training her husky team with essential grocery supplies with up to 6 deliveries a day, often travelling 75 miles to keep her vulnerable neighbours safe at this difficult time.

The site also showcases Hermione, a stray dog abandoned in South Carolina, who subsequently became injured in a rusty coyote trap. After a year of living on her own in the wild, Hermione was eventually rescued by the Hope for Paws charity working with the local authorities and numerous volunteers.

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