EarthCruzerz Increase Their Online Platform, Promoting Long Boarding

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EarthCruzerz are on a mission to encourage people to enjoy an active lifestyle with long boarding, expanding their online platform to sell a wide range of long boards made in the U.S.A.

Less widely known than skateboarding, long boarding is in fact more forgiving and easier to pick up, making it an ideal, more mellow and laid back sporting choice.

Founded in 2012, founders Sebastian and Adrienne have brought their passion of long boarding and health to the online platform, which brings together a number of long boarding accessories and gadgets, as well as providing information for those new to the activity.

Long boards are usually 32 inches and longer, so larger than skateboards. This larger size is what allows riders to find a more stable center of balance, enjoying a smoother ride. With many people looking to new sports and fitness pursuits, long boarding is providing a popular choice for those wishing to strengthen their core and posture.

Long boarding shares a number of similarities with snowboarding, and this is what drove Sebastian to pursue the activity. “I realized how similar snowboarding and long boarding were, and love how it enables me to capture the soul freeing rush that snowboarding offers, but on concrete” he said.

Providing more than just a long boarding platform, EarthCruzerz also brings together nutritional advice, recipes, how-to videos, and long board maintenance articles, creating a handy reference point for those cruisers who enjoy living well.

Sold via an online store at, each of the maple setups are sanded, stained, branded, fiber-glassed, and clear coated by hand. With a focus on sustainability, each board is made with eco-friendly products, with bamboo boards a good example of this.

The online store is easy to navigate, and in addition to complete setups, the store also sells wheels, long board decks, hardware and trucks. Gear and apparel also allows long boarders to ride in style.

Prices are competitive, with a special discount available to those who buy multiple boards. Check out Earthcruzers – the skate shop Athens GA location.

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