Earth-Friendly Company Boomhi Launches Brazil Reforestation Project

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Boomhi launches a new project to reforest Brazil. The earth-friendly company produces smart socks that are sustainably made using recycled plastic bottles so you feel better while helping the earth.

Boomhi, an earth-friendly company from Toronto, Canada that produces sustainably-made socks, launched a new project to reforest Brazil. The founders of Boomhi developed a unique neuro-haptic technology that has been shown to improve mobility with consistent use.

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With the newly launched project, Boomhi is dedicated to reforesting Brazil while helping more people achieve their fitness goals. The founders previously developed various products that helped improve the quality of life for people with mobility issues. After more than a decade, they decided to create a sustainably made sock that combined their technology and commitment to preserving the environment.

The reforestation nonprofit was guided by several studies that have shown the unprecedented deforestation rate happening in Brazil and around the world. A recent study published in Nature Ecology & Evolution concluded that the 2020 deforestation rate in the Amazon is “182% higher than the established target of 3,925 km² and represents a reduction of only 44% instead of the 80% established in law.”

Boomhi understood that their goal to reforest the world required the help of the community. That is why they partnered with One Tree Planted and AtlasGO to launch the Fit4Trees campaign that combined fitness with reforestation as part of their launch.

The campaign asked people to enjoy pandemic-safe activities, such as walking and running, to reach the goal of planting 50,000 trees in Oregon. Further details can be found at

Now, Boomhi announces that it has set its goal towards Brazil and its failing rainforest ecosystem. Its new project hopes to reforest a portion of Brazil’s Amazon with its sustainably made socks that use its distinctive technology called Elevated Mind Technology (EMT). The technology is a pattern that is woven into the sock and triggers a neural response that makes people feel happy through consistent use.

Further, each sock is made from around three reclaimed plastic bottles and is designed to be durable and comfortable. All socks are packaged using recycled materials.

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