Earn Income Reselling Telehealth, Telemedicine Services Announced by Carelumina.

Carelumina announces a business opportunity that enables entrepreneurs to earn income by referring family and friends to Carelumina’s potentially lifesaving Telehealth services.

Carelumina offers a unique business opportunity with telemedicine services that are in high-demand. Start your own business and make a difference during the Coronavirus outbreak by offering potentially lifesaving Telehealth services from Carelumina.

This physician-owned health and wellness company is pioneering the health and wellness industry. After many years of research and development, Carelumina formulated an innovative line of healthy living products in five segments.

These product segments include, all natural/ organic skincare, hair care, supplements, physician-formulated cold-pressed juice cleanses and life-protecting digital services.

While products in each of these segments deliver exceptional health and wellness, Carelumina’s Telehealth in their digital services segment is currently at the forefront due to the global Coronavirus outbreak.

There’s no question that this outbreak is an extremely serious matter and lives are at stake. Statewide mandates are in place in several states requiring citizens to stay home and shelter in place. During these times, Telehealth has become an invaluable service. Learn more about Carelumina’s Telehealth program here – https://businessopportunity.com/listing/telemedicine-telehealth-wellness-beauty-marketplace-carelumina/

With Telehealth services, people can have access to medical care from the comfort of their own homes and eliminate potential Coronavirus exposure or transmission in confined hospital or medical facility waiting rooms. Having these services available can actually help to save lives during the pandemic by aiding in the containment of the deadly virus.

Now, you can help to make a difference as well as earn revenue operating your own business as a Brand Ambassador for Carelumina. The Brand Ambassador program is the marketing engine behind Carelumina’s product lines, facilitating the company’s rapid growth and international brand awareness.

As a Brand Ambassador you’ll be tasked with helping to introduce Carelumina’s healthy living products, including the Telehealth subscription medical services that are currently in very high demand.

Carelumina’s Telehealth subscription services provide 24/7 home access to board-certified physicians. At $60-$100 per consultation, these services are affordable to most households and are extremely valuable for their ability to keep every family member healthy and safe.

Getting started as a Brand Ambassador requires a very low investment, but has very high revenue potential. Carelumina’s generous compensation plan is unmatched among other businesses that operate similar business models.

And if you get started now, you have the opportunity to be on the ground floor of a company positioned for global expansion. This is a life-changing opportunity and the time is now to get started. Contact us today at https://carelumina.com/starttoday to learn about Carelumina’s Telehealth and other products available in the Brand Ambassador program.

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