Ear Wax Removal/At-Home Cleaning – New Expert Health And Safety Report Released

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Polished Ear releases its new report on the best way to clean ear wax. According to the company, Americans spend thousands of dollars each year visiting their ENT doctor to get rid of a build-up of wax, when there is a more affordable solution.

Introducing its ear wax removal kit, Polished Ear says its patented tool is the best way to safely remove ear wax at home. As stated in its latest report, the removal kit can gently scrub off and pull out all types of ear wax – from dry, lumpy wax to watery wax – with its special extraction tool.

More details can be found at https://polishedear.com/blogs/news/how-to-remove-ear-wax-at-home-the-easy-way-and-safe-way-polished-ear

The new report warns of the dangers of using an earbud to clean out one’s ears. While used traditionally by the older generation, new studies prove that Q-tips actually push ear wax further down the ear canal. When done too often and incorrectly, it can potentially rupture the eardrum, which can cause ringing of the ear (tinnitus) or even deafness.

Most Americans spend thousands of dollars each year visiting their doctor to remove their ear wax. For those who cannot afford this, many individuals sometimes insert dangerous objects other than Q-tips, including their fingers, screws, and even pens. Experts have noted that children, in particular, are more vulnerable to using various objects to remove their ear wax.

The founders of Polished Ear recognized this and created a convenient option to safely remove ear wax at home. Its popular flagship product can be used by both adults and children and works on all types of waxes. It can also be used to regularly check for the health of the nose, throat, and scalp as well. Further details can be found at https://polishedear.com/pages/our-story

The ear removal kit can be used by one’s self. The tool can be connected to a phone or laptop through a USB. Then, the camera on the tool projects the image into the screen, so users can see how to gently remove their wax.

A grateful customer wrote, “I was afraid it might harm my eardrums but after doing some research, I found out the kit comes with protective layers that don’t let your ears get injured. After using it multiple times, I can safely say I didn’t get any injuries.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://polishedear.com/products/ear-wax-removal-kit

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