Ealing Funerals West London Safe Services For Lockdown Restrictions Launched

Southall Funeral Service are adapting all their funeral, cremation and burial services to the Ealing West London restrictions in order to ensure both the dignity of the deceased and the safety of guests.

Southall Funeral Service, a family owned and run undertaker based in Southall in West London, have updated the traditional funeral services they have been providing since 1982 to negotiate the constantly changing restrictions under the current pandemic tier system.

More information can be found at https://www.southallfuneral.co.uk

The announcement coincides with the ongoing global pandemic which has sadly continued to impact the way in which funerals across England can be conducted.

However, no one knows more acutely than Southall Funeral Service the importance of commemorating the loss of a loved one with dignity and respect.

As such, Southall Funeral Service has expanded their already personalised and attentive services to ensure that their funerals are exactly as the family of the deceased envision, while adhering to the relevant restrictions and thus ensuring the safety of all guests.

Despite the tier restrictions Southall Funeral Service has maintained its commitment to crafting touching and tasteful funeral services. They are dedicated to helping their clients every step of the way with music selection, coffins and caskets, specialist transport like horse-drawn hearses, flowers, dressing the deceased and the release of white doves.

Additionally, Southall Funeral Service has updated its commitment to green funerals. More details on this eco-friendly option are available at https://marketersmedia.com/ealing-london-eco-friendly-funerals-green-woodland-burials-nature-service-opens/88994039

They can also help grieving families with decisions regarding burials and cremation, as well as with the complexities of paperwork and administration, even assisting in the difficult case of repatriation.

Southall Funeral Service are a completely family owned and run funeral house. Founded in 1982 their operations are currently run by Jennifer, Michael and Ben, the first, second and third generations of the family. With their dedicated funeral services they have always aimed to provide the most dignified and respectful experience for all involved.

A spokesperson for the funeral home said, “We understand that the death of a loved one is a difficult time, which is why we are always contactable for supportive funeral advice and arrangements to alleviate the burden on the bereaved.”

As a committed partner with the Good Grief Trust, Southall Funeral Service also wish to offer potential clients as much logistical and bereavement advice as they can, and their information service is available at https://www.southallfuneral.co.uk/what-to-do-when-a-death-occurs

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