E-learning firm launches Spell Kahoot-announcing SpellBee contest with a Kahoot.

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With online education and e-learning getting a lot of buzz, a lot of new ideas came into being. Amidst covid-19 scenarios, while the students and parents were feeling low on students missing on a lot of co-scholastic activities – 98thpercentile, an e-learning platform for English, Math and Coding has launched a National Level Online Spell Kahoot challenge absolutely free, with prizes and scholarships worth $1000 for students over three different categories.

The online e-learning platform is conducting the contest across grades 1 – 6 under 3 categories Early Learners, Runners and Champs. The contest is conducted as part of an extended event of their acceleration program in English, taken care by online teachers from different states of US. The contest is planned for November, 7th and 8th. Not only the contest is free the organization is also offering some e-books and a bonus 2 weeks of free classes with their teachers absolutely free for limited students.

Within a week of events announcement, it has created a lot of excitement in students and parents. Kids at 98thpercentileare sharing information with friends in schools and evening schools. When asked, one of the students was on high spirits sharing how much he loved Kahoot and playing one on Spell Bee would be a completely new experience. Few of them also mentioned about the preparation they are undergoing to catch up well for the contest.

When asked how the complete idea came into existence – the event coordinators at the organization shared that the academic and research team observed that students who feel confident with letters and word patterns are able to read and comprehend more complicated texts better. Keeping that in mind, and present situation in focus the team thought of conducting an event which could touch on both the cognitive and comprehending skills. They wanted to make this event exciting and entertaining for the kids and thus the Kahoot. The team mentioned about a lot of challenges involved of having such a competition in a virtual set up. They did a lot of changes in the traditional routine of the competition. Few of the changes involved include – missing on levels, scoring on both speed and accuracy. They kept it completely free , so that maximum number of students and schools could participate and benefit from it .The SPELL KAHOOT, which will not only allow the students to work upon their spellings but also have some fun during the challenge. The purpose of this competition is to help children improve their spellings, vocabulary and cultivate precise English usage. This competition will also give children a break from their ongoing long and exhausting study sessions.

The team is receiving an overwhelming response from participants, though they plan to close registration by November, 6th. The event coordinators shared that there are few more contests lined up and will be announced over the weeks, to give students enough preparation time.

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