E-commerce Online Store Optimization Kibo Code System Training Released

Leading e-commerce marketers Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton updated their popular Kibo Code training program for anyone interested in starting a successful e-commerce business.

Digital marketing strategists and e-commerce experts Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton released an updated version of their 8-week training program on how to start a successful e-commerce business. Based on the concept of the Kibo store – optimizing the store to include a wide array of products with high selling potential – the course is ideal for entrepreneurs and marketers interested in an effective way to kickstart their e-commerce career.

More information can be found at https://www.kibocodesystem.com.

The newly updated course has been designed as an intensive training program for anyone interested in creating a sustainable online store that can generate a stable passive income.

The concept of the Kibo store is based on a hugely successful Tokyo brick-and-mortar store which sells products in a variety of categories. By constantly placing the highest-selling products in the most visible areas and eliminating low-selling products, the store has developed a stock of exclusively high-selling products.

Aidan and Steve’s new course translates the Kobo strategy into the online world by focusing on high-efficiency e-store optimization techniques.

Unlike standard commerce, the system taught by Aidan and Steve requires no upfront stock investment, no shipping or handling the merchandise, and does not rely on Amazon or Facebook to get traffic.

The system can be set up easily and run from anywhere in the world. Depending on their level of commitment, e-store owners can scale up their business as much as they feel comfortable with.

The online training includes step-by-step information on setting up a successful e-commerce store, running effective marketing campaigns to promote it, and sourcing products that are high in demand and low in competition.

With the new update, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton continues to invest in the development of high-quality online marketing training resources.

Their programs have helped thousands of new entrepreneurs build solid businesses in the e-commerce industry, with many reporting sales of over $2,000 per day.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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