E-Commerce For Beginners Automated Dropshipping No Inventory System Launched

A new marketing system has been launched, called The Kibo Code. It makes it easier for entrepreneurs to generate profit with high-converting templates and more.

A new marketing program has been launched, called The Kibo Code. It offers entrepreneurs the chance to run their own business working from home without having to buy inventory upfront.

For more information please visit the website here: http://klptmc.kibocode.hop.clickbank.net/?x=live

The team behind The Kibo Code explains that it’s designed to be easy to understand, so even beginner marketers can benefit from it. Entrepreneurs will find that the system is e-commerce done differently. It was created with the vision of being simple to understand, while offering predictable profits.

The Kibo Code is a unique e-commerce and marketing method and training program that doesn’t require the use of Amazon.

In addition to this, entrepreneurs don’t need a warehouse or foreign suppliers. Neither to they need to run Facebook Ads or worry about their inventory.

In this way, it eliminates many of the common objections that people have with a work-from-home sales business.

The Kibo Code is based on a famous brick and mortar store in Tokyo. This store made billions every year selling a huge variety of products.

They filled their store up to see what sold the best, then removed and replaced anything that didn’t sell well. This allowed them to optimize their stock to maximize conversions and profits.

Now online sellers can do the same thing on autopilot with The Kibo Code. The process works with a multi-step process, and the system handles the hard work for the entrepreneur.

The expert team buys a domain name, then sets up a store with a preloaded high converting theme. From there, they can load up the website with product listings, and send instant traffic.

When sales are made, products are drop shipped from other US suppliers. Then the listings are optimized to keep only the most profitable products.

The creators state: “Customers will receive, training, software, proven storefront and product pages, product databases and identification tools, a control center, coaching, support, community and a whole lot more to make this as easy as possible.”

Those wishing to find out more can visit their website on the link provided above.

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