Dyslexia Build Confidence Friendly Learning Environment TV Appearance Announced

Shane Herman, one of the co-founders of Let’s Get Booking, a service aimed at helping people with learning difficulties to build confidence, has appeared on WPBF 25 Local ABC TV. The company helps children and families by connecting them with friendly environments.

Shane Herman, a co-founder for Let’s Get Booking, has appeared on WPBF 25 Local ABC TV West Palm Beach Florida for Dyslexia Awareness Month. The company helps dyslexics to build confidence by connecting them with non-judgmental locations to practice reading and earn rewards as an incentive.

More information can be found at: http://LetsGetBooking.com

Shane is an 11-year-old who has struggled with learning disabilities himself, and created the company along with 14-year-old Nestor Flores. With backing from investor and mentor John F Scarpa, they created Let’s Get Booking to help transform the lives of people dealing with dyslexia.

They know that having learning disabilities can make school much more difficult, and affects the confidence of people in their learning environment. This can impact how much they contribute and ultimately how much they get out of school on a day by day basis.

In addition to this, learning disabilities can have a big impact on the child’s family as well. Shane and Nestor’s parents spent thousands of dollars trying to get them the help they needed.

With studies showing that one in five people are dyslexic, and so many people not realizing it, a lot of children and parents don’t find out about the dyslexia before they start struggling with school work.

Let’s Get Booking was created to to provide free help to families, so children with learning difficulties can get the help they need regardless of where they live. No matter what their financial situation is, Let’s Get Booking can help.

The community service based platform helps people with dyslexia to build their confidence and learn in a stress-free environment. Let’s Get Booking is working with struggling readers, senior living facilities, animal shelters, and community organizations.

A number of different resources are provided to help readers improve and learn in a friendly, relaxed way. Children can also be connected with senior living facilities to help with life enrichment for the care home residents, while giving the kids a chance to learn and develop in a stress-free environment.

Let’s Get Booking states: “Our platform connects readers with locations, organizations and residents to strengthen the community.”

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