Dynamic Orthopedics Creates Blog Post Detailing Emergency Contact Info

Dynamic Orthopedics of South Florida launches a blog post detailing how to contact their office during emergencies and power outages.

Dynamic Orthopedics, located in Davie FL, just outside of Fort Lauderdale is South Florida’s leader in prosthetics & orthotics, recently updated the emergency contact info in the event of future hurricanes and power outages.

South Florida and the Caribbean have been getting pummeled by hurricanes this year and with water temperatures increasing this could be an annual ordeal for South Floridians to deal with. Hurricane Irma was especially devastating to South Florida and the Keys.

The storm caused Dynamic Orthopedics to lose power for a week. This is obviously not an ideal situation for Dynamic Orthopedics or their patients; as the ongoing treatment for their patients, some of whom are children who have suffered an amputation, is critical to recovery.

The post is available online here: http://dynamicorthopedics.com/dynamic-social-media…

In future situations like this Dynamic Orthopedics wants to ensure that all of their patients have all of their contact info. Melisa Chang, owner of Dynamic Orthopedics said, “Communication is so important throughout the recovery process for all of our patients, and especially our children. I want to make sure that every single patient we work with has each and every line of communication available to reach us when future emergency situations like this occur.”

Dynamic Orthopedics is very well known in the South Florida area for their outstanding work in the field of children’s orthotics & prosthetics having helped thousands of children since 2002 when Dynamic Orthopedics opened.

Melisa Chang says, “There is nothing more gratifying then helping these children to deal with and overcome the struggles and hardships that come with challenging disabilities. We want all of our children to have the most out of their life as possible.”

For more information about Dynamic Orthopedics & the ground breaking work they’re doing in the field of children’s orthotics & prosthetics please visit here http://dynamicorthopedics.com

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