Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing Saves Customers from Dust Nightmare.

Sterling Hardwood Floors has defied convention in the Hardwood floor refinishing market with the release of their dustless hardwood floor refinishing truck mounted system. Further information can be found at sterlinghardwoodfloors.com

Sterling Hardwood Floors in Seattle Washington today reflected on its release of the original truck mounted dustless hardwood floor refinishing system from 10 years ago, which was in development for several years prior. The main aim with the investment in five Dust Free Hardwood Floor Sanding trucks was always to provides great peace of mind to customers knowing they will not have to contend with or pay a cleaning service clean up the usual “Dust Nightmare” associated with hardwood floor refinishing… and by defying convention, this dust free vacuum system did so, with a difference.

Bill Maser, Project Manager at Sterling Hardwood Floors, says: “We wanted to provide the best possible service for customers and the dustless hardwood floor refinishing system has proven to accomplish this. Anyone familiar with the Hardwood floor refinishing market will probably have noticed how most hardwood flooring companies typically use the standard dust bags on their sanding equipment. This has always been a big problem because It creates a massive amount of airborne sanding dust that sticks to walls and all interior surfaces leaving customers frustrated and dissatisfied from the giant mess left behind..”

So as a welcome breath of fresh air, Sterling Hardwood Floors made a radical change at the time and dustless hardwood floor refinishing was born! The powerful “Truck Mounted” Vacuum system literally sucks the sanding dust from the sanding equipment, through large hoses that lead directly out to the trucks. Sterling Hardwood Floors chose to make this move because they strongly believe they can better serve customers by leaving their homes pretty much dust free, saving them both time and money..

Bill Maser also said “It can’t be overstated how important it is to give the customer peace of mind knowing not only do they have a beautiful new hardwood floor to come home to, but a clean house as well.. With dustless hardwood floor refinishing, this is now a reality. Customers now feel at ease knowing when the dustless hardwood floor refinishing system is used, they won’t need to worry about the typical “Dust Nightmare” associated with hardwood floor refinishing. Trying something new is always a risk, but it’s a risk Sterling believed was worth taking.”

Sterling Hardwood Floors has been in business for since 1980, being established in June 1st 1980. Since day one it has always aimed to provide the highest quality workmanship that builds long term customer relationships and thus their reputation as a leader in the industry.

This isn’t the first time Sterling Hardwood Floors has defied convention either. In 2005 they caused a stir when they gave away as a “thank you” their new formulation of Sterling Hardwood Floor cleaner which is specially made for hardwood flooring with both Swedish and Water-based finishes. Prior to that customers had to mix a solution of white vinegar and water to clean their floors which worked fine, but giving away the cleaner made the daily maintenance associated with hardwood floors much easier.

More information on dustless hardwood floor refinishing system is now available on their website and at the showroom. To find out more, please visit sterlinghardwoodfloors.com

For further information about Sterling Hardwood Floors, call the office at 206 367-8405 or visit http://sterlinghardwoodfloors.com

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